EHTC 2009

James ScapaAltair's Product Direction - HyperWorks Vision

Dr. Uwe Schramm
VP, Product Technology
Altair Engineering Inc.


Altair has made considerable investments into its solver technology. This presentation describes the market demands driving this investment, the resulting offering and the future direction Altair is taking with its technology.



Dr. Schramm received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rostock, Germany in 1988. He graduated from the same University with a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Design in 1984.

Previous Work History:
As CTO HyperWorks, Dr. Schramm is in charge of product management and business development for Altair HyperWorks. Dr. Schramm has extensive experience in structural and multi-disciplinary optimization as well as in computational mechanics. He joined Altair in Germany as Engineering Manager in 1996. Before that he was a visiting professor at the University of Virginia for four years.


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