EHTC 2009

James ScapaThe Use of CAE in the Development of the
Porsche Panamera

Christoph Gümbel
Head of Development Innovation Virtual Vehicle
Porsche AG


Virtual Methods have become a cornerstone of the development process of automotive companies around the world. This presentation will outline how Porsche develops and maintains its digital prototypes and how virtual testing has been embedded in the development process of the new Panamera.



Christoph Gümbel is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Stuttgart University and joined Porsche AG as a software-engineer for realtime computing in 1979. Since 1986 he worked as analyst for IT-strategies in the area of technical data processing. In 1990 he became head of this unit.

Previous Work History:
In 1992 he became responsible for the computing center. Since 1993 he is head of the simulation and computation department with Porsche's R&D-center in Weissach. Since 2002 he is in addition responsible for the coordination of CAx-activities within Porsche’s R&D Center. He is chairman of the Board of Porsche Engineering Services s.r.o. in Prague and chairman of the supervisory board of hww-Supercomputers for science and business.

In 2005 Mr. Gümbel became responsible for the new department “Virtual Vehicle”.


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