Structural Analysis of a Composite Structure in AgustaWestland

Gaetanto-Cosimo Massari, AgustaWestland
Francesca Bianchi, AgustaWestland

The goal of this project is the structural verification and optimization of a typical M/R helicopter blade tip region for two different configurations.

The configuration is composed by a tip cap made from composite materials bonded to the blade body by structural adhesive.

The corresponding FEA models have been tested and validated with Radioss Linear under both simulated flight conditions (aerodynamic loads plus centrifugal force) and laboratory conditions (concentrated load).

Optistruct has been used to study a possible layup optimization finalized to reduce the stress so to achieve target values of Failure index without a significant increase in mass and change in CG of the tip component.

The need of finding a dedicated laboratory test rig concept has been fulfilled using HyperStudy to create a DOE on different rig solutions.

The objective was to reproduce the structural behaviour (stress value and location value, Failure Index magnitude and location) generated by the given aerodynamic distributed pressure using a simplified system of localised loads of proper magnitude and in proper locations.

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