NVH CAE Model Creation and Assembly Strategy for Powertrain Components Including Gear Sets

Joachim Sigl, Magna Powertrain Lannach

In consequence of increasing demands for a low-level interior noise of cars, the NVH behavior of powertrains comes to the fore. By now, there is a remarkable effort to optimize the vehicles acoustic characteristic. At MPT (Magna Powertrain) the Finite Element Method is a standard tool for the development process. Altairs range of products comes into use to build up FE models which represent MPTs products in a very detailed and accurate way.

In respect of realistic stiffness representation, the assemblies are built with solid models. Due to the use of non-linear bearings, complete modeled gears and the consideration of friction enabled contact interactions, it is possible to achieve almost every preload condition for further structural dynamic investigations.

Owing to the elaborate FE assemblies, a huge number degrees of freedom has to be handled. Gears and housings are generally responsible for the bulk of finite elements within MPTs models. As of late, there is an additional application in use beside Hypermesh, which is able to generate automatically models for gear sets and accomplishes the positioning for the contact surfaces on its own. The collaboration between HyperMesh and the self-made gear meshing tool enables pre-processing in a very efficient and economic way.

The presentation for the European HTC will deal with the process of the model build-up at MPT and the new automatic meshing and positioning tool for gear sets.

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