Multibody Dynamic Simulation Combined with Finite Element Method to Assess Break Moan Noise

Dr. Ronaldo Nunes, Daimler

The numerical prediction of friction induced vibrations show a high sensitivity to the input parameters of the brake system. In particular for the low frequency brake noise, the moan phenomenon presents itself a more complicated situation because it is combined with a low frequency chassis vibration. In this case, the uncomfortable noise is characterized by higher noise and vibration levels that can be perceived outside of the vehicle. In principal it is well known that the stick-slip effect is one of the most important points to be considered for understanding this problem. In one hand, to give a clear investigation of this kind of brake noise problem, a finite element model combined with multi-body dynamic model is proposed. On the other hand, the focus is also to give more detail on the physical mechanisms behind the noise behaviour. In this paper the main criteria to build a confident dynamic model with some additional possible strategies will be discussed and the main proposal will be summarized.

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October 27-29, 2010
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