Development of a CPU Time Efficient Dummy Model - H350 Express RADIOSS Model

Robert Kant, Humanetics Innovative Solutions

Advances in computer processing power and explicit solver code capability in the last decade have made it possible for detailed finite element dummy models to be applied in the crash safety analysis for high quality injury predictions. However it is still desirable to reduce the CPU times while maintaining reasonable quality of injury prediction. For example, such a model is useful in early design stage of a vehicle where high quality injury prediction is not critical and short turnout time of crash simulation is more important. FTSS, in collaboration with the Altair, has developed an express H350 dummy model. The development of the express model is conducted in the following steps:

  • Simplification of the full FE dummy model, assembly by assembly;
  • Generation of the express models for the key assemblies;
  • Validation tests at component level;
  • Validation tests at full dummy level

The developed model generates 50% - 80% saving in the CPU time in variety of full dummy simulation scenarios and produces injury predictions of comparative quality. This presentation reviews the details of the dummy model development and illustrates a performance evaluation of the dummy model.

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October 27-29, 2010
Palais de Congres
Versailles, France
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