Simulating the Rear Roller Test Bench for the Scooter Development

Marco di Cecco, Piaggio&C S.p.A.

In this paper a two wheeler vehicle model, for the simulation of the roller bench test with obstacles, is presented.

The use of MotionView and MotionSolve tools allows to assemble rigid bodies (as the frame and the engine) with compliance elements such as suspensions, tires, and engine oscillating arm and to define the kinematics and viscous-elastic properties of the analysis.

Altair HyperView and HyperGraph are then used to compare the obtained results with experimental data achieved with an instrumented vehicle on test bench.

This procedure, as virtual prototype technique, would allow reducing the time to market and the cost of new products, permitting the designer to foresee the effect of design changes on the dynamic behavior of the scooter.

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