Software Development for the Post-Processing of Fatigue Calculation

Andrea Baldini, University of Modena

The model of an automotive chassis is very complex and different fatigue numerical analysis are required during the design stage to validate the model. At the present time, the designer analyses each fatigue test individually, spending a lot of time and not having a global view of the different tests together.

The aim of this work was the development and the implementation of a software dedicated to numerical analysis of fatigue problems consisting in a combination of different static loadcases. At first, different fatigue damage theories were compared. Secondly, their applicability to the design of automotive chassis was evaluated. At a later stage, the software was developed in C++ programming language. The new software designed provides a view of the critical points along an index of applicability of the theory used to evaluate the safety factor. This feature may be useful to identify the most stressed areas that require some improvements. Moreover, the software can be used to map the most efficient part of the structure. A particular effort was devoted to obtain a flexible code implementation.

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October 27-29, 2010
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