Workshop Durability

The Workshop will show a complete fatigue analysis using CAE. The workshop will cover the fatigue loading definition until the fatigue analysis. It will be done showing how to treat the signal from a MDB model or data acquired on field test until to prepare a fatigue analysis using MotionSolve and OptiStruct and solving the problem using nCode DesignLife. Besides that some specific fatigue analysis considering manufacturing effects like stamping and short fiber will be showed.


Segundo Dia: 10 de Setembro de 2013

LOCAL: Mercure Grand Hotel Parque do Ibirapuera
8h30-12h30WORKSHOP: From Loads to Structural Life The Hyperworks Way

Presenter: Mr. Narayan Rangarajan (Development Lead, Altair Engineering Inc.)


1. Signal Processing Loads (MBD/Test) from Durability Perspective:

    1. Multichannel Peak load extraction for static analysis and hotspot recognistion

    1. Extracting constant amplitudes for simple fatigue – sine fatigue
    2. Treating it as complex amplitude for multiaxial fatigue
    3. Load truncations for huge data
      a. Gating
      b.Multi peak valley extraction

FE Model:
    1. Linear superposition
    2. Neuberisation
    3. Complete elasto plasticity
    4. Application of the signal processed time histories

2.Transient Fatigue with partners:
    1.Modal superposition

WORKSHOP: Fatigue Analysis with nCode - Advanced Problems


  • Modal transient analysis (from FEA and MBD);
  • Fatigue analysis for welds;
  • Other effects manufacturing process like stamping;
  • When it is really necessary to use multiaxial analysis.

Presenter: Jeff Mentley (HBM nCode)
Image Mercure Grand Hotel Parque do Ibirapuera
9 e 10 de Setembro



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