What to see in the Rhine-Neckar Region

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Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region

The Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region in Germany, is a metropolitan region. It is located in south western Germany, between the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main area (North) and the Stuttgart metropolitan area (South-East).

The area has around 2.4 million inhabitants. Its major cities are Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg. Other cities include the former Free imperial cities of Speyer and Worms. In addition the region also encompasses parts of the Baden and Palatinate wine regions. The region, which has been officially recognized as a European Metropolitan Area in 2005, is named after the rivers Rhine and Neckar, which join at Mannheim.

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The Rhine-Neckar area is one of Germany’s driving economic forces and home to renown companies such as BASF, SAP, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Fuchs Petrolub, John Deere, ABB, and many more. It is known as one of the largest technology clusters in Europe

J.Messer, „Brückenturm Worms“
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What to do

The Rhine-Neckar Region is home to over 80 theatres and to more than 200 museums and galleries, it also hosts all kinds of festivals throughout the year. The SAP Arena, which was inaugurated in 2005, is one of the most modern multifunctional venues of Europe and home to the Ice-Hockey team Mannheim Adlers.

The region calls three World Heritage Sites (Lorsch Abbey, frontiers of the Roman Empire, Speyer Cathedral) its own and more than 200 castles, cathedrals and palaces are spread over the area.

The region's three nature parks (the Palatinate Forest, Neckartal-Odenwald, and the Bergstrasse-Odenwald Geopark) are home to a broad number of local animals and plants and offer vast opportunities to explore the regional nature. In addition the region has four internationally renowned wine-growing areas. Those are Baden, the Hessische Bergstrasse, the Palatinate, and Rhine-Hesse.

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If you plan to extend your stay in beautiful Palatine beyond the European ATC, we suggest you don't miss these sights, museums and cities:

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You can also take a boat trip on "Father Rhine" or go for some wine tasting at one of the local wineries. Alone close to Frankenthal you'll find many of these wineries, most of them family held, open for visits and wine tastings.



Wineries in the Area

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  • Weingut Andreas Merkel, Kleinniedesheim (Distance to Frankenthal: 5.2 km)
  • Weingut Lingenfelder, Grosskarlbach (Distance to Frankenthal: 7.9 km)
  • Weingut Knipser - Johannishof, Laumersheim (Distance to Frankenthal: 7.9 km)
  • Weingut Horst Eberle, Dirmsteim (Distance to Frankenthal: 8 km)
  • Weingut Klaus Neckerauer, Weisenheim am Sand (Distance to Frankenthal: 8.1 km)
  • Weingut Burghof - Peter Markowski, Worms-Pfeddersheim (Distance to Frankenthal: 10.4 km)
  • Weingut Bernd Jakob Hammerstein, Worms (Distance to Frankenthal: 10.4 km)
  • Weingut Hinter der Kirche - Oliver & Edmund Knab, Worms-Pfeddersheim (Distance to Frankenthal: 10.4 km)
  • Weingut Ließ-Wenzel - Ernst Ludwig Wenzel, Worms-Pfeddersheim (Distance to Frankenthal: 10.4 km)
  • Weingut Wehrhof Wulf Egelhof, Worms (Distance to Frankenthal: 10.4 km)
  • Weingut Dirk Wendel, Worms-Pfeddersheim (Distance to Frankenthal: 10.4 km)
  • more here

We hope we could inspire you to extend your stay and that you'll enjoy your trip to the European Altair Technology Conference and are looking forward to seeing you in June in Frankenthal.

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Image 26-28 June 2017 - Congressforum, Frankenthal, Germany

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