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Scientists, engineers, and data analysts need ever-higher performance for their technical computing applications to speed time to results, handle today’s unprecedented growth in data volumes, and improve the accuracy and precision of their modelling and simulation applications.

With HPE Apollo high density servers using Intel® Xeon® processors, the data-driven organization accelerates your time to design, insight and value.

The strategic HPC Alliance of HPE and Intel® solidifies their long term commitment to High Performance Computing (HPC) and deliver the benefits of HPC to all organizations. The partnership uses all of the two companies’ resources to help organizations leverage HPC technologies, including multiprocessing and parallel processing.

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Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. Their aim is to enrich life and improve efficiency through a better connected world, acting as a responsible corporate citizen, innovative enabler for the information society, and collaborative contributor to the industry. Driven by customer-centric innovation and open partnerships, Huawei has established an end-to-end ICT solutions portfolio that gives customers competitive advantages in telecom and enterprise networks, devices and cloud computing. Huawei’s 170,000 employees worldwide are committed to creating maximum value for telecom operators, enterprises and consumers. Their innovative ICT solutions, products and services are used in more than 170 countries and regions, serving over one-third of the world’s population. Founded in 1987, Huawei is a private company fully owned by its employees.

For more information, please visit Huawei online at www.huawei.com or follow them on: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or YouTube.

nCode products are offered through HBM Prenscia, developer of innovative concepts and software solutions for improving reliability, availability, maintainability, safety, durability and performance. For over 30 years, the nCode brand has provided cutting-edge solutions spanning both test and CAE applications with specific capabilities for fatigue and durability.

Available through the APA, nCode DesignLife is a complete fatigue solution that uses leading FE results to identify critical locations and calculate fatigue lives in the time and frequency domains; from high to low cycle, uniaxial to multiaxial, crack initiation to crack growth. It offers advanced capabilities for vibration fatigue, correlation, reconstructing load histories, stress-life, strain-life, composites, spot welds and seam welds. This provides APA users with an unparalleled combination of ease-of-use and powerful fatigue analysis without additional investment.


Additive Works GmbH was founded by four interdisciplinary professionals in late 2015. As a Spin-Off company of ISEMP, University of Bremen, Additive Works combines state-of-the-art scientific approaches with application-oriented software engineering to offer innovative software solutions for simulation based additive processes.

All activities of Additive Works focus on one general mission: To provide highly usable solutions for first time right additive manufacturing and take this technology to the next level. The growing team of Additive Works started with four motivated scientists and entrepreneurs. It combines essential skills in physical modelling, software development and algorithm optimization with years of experience in simulation and control of additive manufacturing. Especially the diversity in scientifical backgrounds within the team provides the flexibility, innovativeness and agility necessary for solving the complex and manifold difficulties of this marvelous yet challenging process.

The Automotive Simulation Center Stuttgart, or asc(s offers experts from science and industry a world-wide unique ecosystem in the field of automotive simulation. The aim of the non-profit organization is to advance the research on and development of innovative CAX and HPC methods, establish standardization and consistent workflows in order to promote synergies, to save costs, and to make the results accessible to asc(s’ members. Through concentration of expertise from automotive and supply industry, software and hardware vendors, engineering service providers and research institutes the network brings together key players and enables growth of highly innovative products and services.

At the asc(s booth visitors will get more information about the asc(s simpulsedays, which are an integral part of the asc(s culture. These are a major tool for connecting experts to present latest technologies, discuss new solutions for future challenges, to explore potentials and to agree on cooperations. Furthermore the asc(s supports up-and-coming simulation experts by offering a unique career and recruiting service.”.

Chiastek is a software solution provider addressing Model Based Systems Engineering. CosiMate is a platform for engineers performing modeling and simulation of an overall system made of hydraulics, mechanicals, electronics, or other components. CosiMate is mainly used in automotive and aerospace industry.

Without changing the simulation familiarity and learning a new tool, CosiMate´s bus-architecture enriches simulation environments through native coupling to any other tool in use by colleagues, partners and suppliers. Collaboration between engineers of different disciplines is enabled and multi-physics co-simulation enriches engineering work.

Componeering is the developer of ESAComp, a software suite for analysis and design of composite structures. ESAComp focuses on conceptual and preliminary design, but its capabilities range also to FE post-processing and analyses of details. The intuitive graphical user interface combines the extensive composite materials database and the analysis features seamlessly. The FE export interface allows transfer of materials and lay-ups to HyperWorks, supporting various solver profiles. ESAComp complements HyperWorks with advanced composites post-processing through an interface developed together with Altair. The ESAComp customer base covers all industries using high-performance composites. ESAComp is available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

FLUIDON, pioneer in simulation of fluid power systems and approved service provider is partner for any kind of fluid power mechatronic solutions. That means support in the complete area of system development and application – from the provision of simulation software up to software services and engineering support. All over the world, FLUIDON solutions are helping to make the high-tech visions of our customers in industry and education become reality. FLUIDON is manufacturer of DSHplus, a CAE tool for 1D system simulation for fluid power systems. DSHplus applies to manufacturers, developers or users of fluid power systems in the development areas of the automotive industry, manufacturing systems, mobile hydraulics, naval and rail-way systems, medical or aerospace.

FluiDyna GmbH belongs to the experts within the demanding field of GPU-based High Performance Computing for fluid mechanical problems. The company develops integrated hard- and software solutions for faster, customized and more efficient computing. Its core expertise lies particularly in the development and application of numerical methods of flow simulation and thermodynamics.

The department of Mathematical Methods in Dynamics and Durability of the Fraunhofer ITWM is concerned with modeling and simulation of usage variability, dynamic loading and energy efficiency of vehicles and machines.

Focus of work:
  • efficient statistical methods for durability, reliability and energy efficiency
  • system simulation: models and software for real-time capable tire simulation, ground interaction and Human-in-the-Loop driving simulator
  • non-linear structural mechanics: tires, rubber- and hydro mounts, cables and hoses

GeonX S.A started up its activities in 2012 with headquarters in Belgium and offices in France, USA and representatives in Korea, China and Japan.

GeonX S.A develops robust and powerful software packages to support manufacturing engineers in their daily design duties. From the design office to the factory, VIRFAC®
powered by MORFEO, provides an accurate, powerful and industrial platform of virtual manufacturing.

Making virtual manufacturing a reality is the mission of GeonX S.A. Modelling manufacturing processes such as Additive Manufacturing, Machining, Heat Treatment and Welding allows designers to reduce tedious manual tuning and waste of material. It leads, as well, to the optimization of the resulting manufactured part in terms of mechanical properties, residual stresses and final deformations.

GNS Systems offers innovative information technology services for product development and engineering.

We plan, implement, and operate complex systems and applications infrastructures based on the following areas of focus: LINUX/Windows Systems Management, High Performance Computing, Technical Data Management, Software Development, Application Management, and Outsourcing.

GNS Systems works primarily for clients in the automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing industries. Many years of experience allow us to provide you with comprehensive consulting and effective realization.

As a partner of automotive, aerospace, consumer and chemical industries as well as suppliers industries and mechanical engineering for over 20 years Ingenieurbüro Huß & Feickert, or ihf, performs different kinds of simulation analyses concerning the mechanical behavior of machines and structures. Using modern simulation methods such as explicit and implicit FEM development tasks reaching from statics and dynamics to fatigue, optimization, CFD and crash-safety are solved.

We help our customers developing and enhancing their products in order to reduce costs for material or manufacturing. Beside numerical simulation we offer software development and different software products (FKM assessment) to our customers.

The industrial revolution by 3D-Printing has many initiators and protagonists with a rapidly growing number of members every day worldwide. As a world-leading center of excellence for 3D laser technologies and in particular for the industrial 3D printing technology, LZN GmbH sees itself as a commitment between basic research and industrial application and is setting the pace for companies to sustainably strengthen their competitiveness. Being awarded as a successful pioneer in this community by our federal president Joachim Gauck 2015, it is our passion to commit ourselves to the "Light Engineering by 3D Printing” for automotive, ship, railway, machine tool, medical and aircraft products in order to gain most resource efficient design and manufacturing solutions for our customers.

The LZN installed smart and innovative process chains provide service for every step from the idea through the innovative light design to the manufacturing of the final product. These are not only modern production plants, FEM, topology optimization, 3D CAD software tools and specific manufacturing methodologies, but also many years of experience in optimization of 3D printed products.

LOGE AB is headquartered at Ideon Science Park in Lund, Sweden with additional offices in Cottbus, Germany.

LOGE develops and markets state-of-the-art software for chemical processes and our consultants offer Computational Fluid Dynamics-model development and chemical mechanism calculations to the exact specification of your business needs.

Together with our partners and the industry, we help reduce harmful emissions from combustion and increase internal combustion 
efficiency through the development of next-generation technologies and innovative solutions.

Magna Powertrain Engineering Center Steyr is Magna's center of excellence for world class automotive engineering services. The company employs 770 people providing a range of services globally to car and commercial vehicle OEM’s.
Magna Powertrain’s software products include FEMFAT, KULI, FEMFAT LAB and MAMBA. These software solutions support engineers to design and develop vehicles and engines that are lightweight, environmentally friendly while reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Magna is a world leader in the automotive industry and a full service supplier providing unique software. Together with a global engineering network and support for customers Magna ensures a successful transition from concept through production.

MATELYS, an independent research laboratory dedicated to the study of porous materials, develops probably the most complete software suite on the market for designing innovative multi-layer treatments, from micro-structure design to component testing. MATELYS's solution, AlphaCell is available through the APA. AlphaCell allows quick and accurate simulations of the vibro-acoustic response of multi-layer trims under various sound excitations (e.g. airborne, rainfall, turbulent boundary layer...).

Typically AlphaCell may provide answers to questions like "what if the thickness is divided by two ?", "what if the heavy layer is replaced by a resistive screen ?", "what layer is governing the global response ?", "is the damping important in this frequency range?", "will this modification be heard ?" Served by an intuitive graphical interface, the User has a deeper understanding of the sound package functioning and could exploit the numerous bridges AlphaCell provides to OptiStruct, Coustyx, SEAM and other FE simulation tools.

Materialise began as a specialist in Rapid Prototyping (RP) and Additive Manufacturing (AM) and has grown into the market leader for 3D printing and digital CAD software. Materialise has a state-of-the-art AM facility with numerous technologies, which has allowed our team to become industry experts. With first-hand knowledge of all the technologies and bottlenecks in AM, our software development staff -the largest in the sector- stays ahead of the trends. We provide software solutions for every step of the AM process, from design to printed part, as well as solutions for 3D printers varying from the smallest to the largest. Together these solutions form a software platform for 3D printing which links applications from various markets and industries, ranging from automotive, aerospace, medical industry, consumer goods and many more to the wide range of 3D printers and Additive Manufacturing technologies.

Mechanical Simulation provides CarSim, TruckSim and BikeSim software to accurately simulate the dynamic behavior of cars, light and heavy trucks, and motorcycles. More than 50 OEM's and many Tier 1 suppliers have validated our simulation results to real proving ground test data. Our products include example vehicles, roads and test procedures for immediate use. Real-time versions work on the most common HIL systems used worldwide. Models can be easily extended with Simulink, in-house models (tires, brakes, etc.) and any other CAE or optimization tools. Encrypted datasets are exchanged with OEM's and their partners for faster product development. Over 220 engineering driving simulators use CarSim or TruckSim for accurate testing of future chassis systems or new ADAS products in realistic traffic scenarios.

Sign up for the free CarSim workshop, June 26 at the EATC! Click here to learn more.

MFRC passionately contributes to the metal forming community by developing AFDEX, a metal forming simulation software. AFDEX can be the best fit for design and verification of your forging process with its outstanding analytical capabilities. With more than two decades of experience in metal forming simulation, we support our customers in various ways which include webinars, presentations and knowledge transfer from annual conferences on metal forming CAE technologies. The strong points of AFDEX are intelligent re-meshing technology, user friendliness and solution accuracy. We believe that this facilitates a wide application spectrum in metal forming ranging from structural analysis of dies, coupled analysis to other conventional and advanced manufacturing processes.

At NovaCast Systems, we believe in change, not just for sustainability, but for a truly responsible industry that makes good business with a good conscience. Therefore we are driven to innovate and produce solutions that will make us reduce the environmental footprint. It will not be easy, but we believe green business will be good for everyone.

PART Engineering provides CAE software and services in the scope of FEA. As a technology-driven company PART Engineering enables its customers' to gain more value from their FE simulations and to make their CAE processes more efficient. Started as a technical consulting firm in 1999, more and more evolved the specialization in structural analysis in the scope of Finite-Element simulation. Early in the development of the company, primarily out of own demand, a first software was developed in order to enable a coupling between injection molding and structural simulation. Later this software was commerzialized and is now marketed under the brand name "Converse". Later a second product "S-Life" for strength assessement based on FE-results was developed.

PDTec AG specializes in CAE integration and simulation data management (SDM)which helps customers capture their simulation processes along the product lifecycle and streamline all associated digital information flows. To bring customers closer to their objectives, PDTec develop solutions for integration and enterprise collaborative engineering to support the complete CAE process chain and link their comprehensive tool landscape. They support structured, corporate-wide data management of any CAE data for all disciplines, track the data and facilitates engineering collaboration globally. PDTec provides the standard software SimData Manager, the integration services along the deployment and the support for ongoing success.

Synopsys is a global leader in electronic design automation and semiconductor solutions, and has more than 100 offices worldwide. The Simpleware product group at Synopsys develops software for the conversion of 3D scan data (MRI, CT...) into high quality design, simulation and 3D printing models. Simpleware software is used for a wide range of applications, including Industrial Reverse Engineering and NDE in fields such as automotive, aerospace and product design. Easy-to-learn and use, the software offers a robust bridge between the latest imaging technologies and multiple design and simulation applications. For more information, please visit www.simpleware.com.

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