Next Generation Math & Systems Tools for Efficient Model Based Development


Today, most products are a combination of mechanics, electrics/electronics, and embedded software. In order to manage the product complexity and ensure innovation development, organizations turn to a model based development process where models of varying granularity, guide system design and system integration are simulated.

Earlier this year, Altair released a complete set of products supporting Model Based Development of mechatronic products. Main characteristics are
  • Open system approach
    • Octave/Matlab, TCL, Python scripting
    • Modelica modeling
    • FMI model exchange and co-simulation
    • Legacy data support for Matlab/Simulink models
  • Coverage of the complete development process
    • From concept design to Hardware-in-the-Loop simulations
    • From 1D to 3D models
  • Based on the HyperWorks Business Models assuring
    • Flexibility
    • Affordability
This seminar will address
  • CAE engineers aiming to get started with Math and System simulation
  • Development engineers looking for the combination of modern user interfaces with state-of-the art modelling languages
  • IT managers searching for alternatives to their incumbent Math & System solution

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1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Altair’s Portfolio for Model Based Development

Model Based Development of Mechatronic Products
Michael Hoffmann, Altair

solidThinking Compose: A Multi-Language Math Environment
Franck Delcroix, Altair

solidThinking Activate: A System Simulation Platform
Ramine Nikoukhah, Altair

Linking System Requirements with Product Performance
Thomas Tecco, XLDyn

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Model Based Development Case Studies

Moving from Analog to Digital Power Design
Anthony Boon, CEG Elettronica

Acoustic Optimization of Mufflers Using 1D-System Simulation
KV Manoj, Altair

System Simulation Models for e-Mobility
Andrew Dyer, Altair

System Simulation Models Supporting the Design of a Coffee Machine
Livio Mariano, Altair

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Image 26-28 June 2017 - Congressforum, Frankenthal, Germany

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