Altairs comprehensive EM simulation software used for the analysis and design of:

  • Antenna analysis, placement and optimization in the vehicle, aircraft and marine applications
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): cable coupling in complex environments
  • Electromagnetics: interaction EM fields with organic tissues and medical implants; how does the remote keyless entry and the pacemaker?
  • Wave propagation and radio network planning
  • Design and optimization of electric motors, electrical machines, actuators and sensors
  • Calculation, simulation and optimization of eddy currents to reduce power dissipation


Who should attend?

The seminar was of interest to engineers, analysts and managers involved in the design, research and development of electromagnetic and electro-mechanical devices.

Why should you attend?

As use of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum increases, the demand for engineers who have practical working knowledge in the area of electromagnetics continues to grow. The seminar introduced the use of electromagnetic simulation through a number of case studies, covering both single and multiple physics. There were discussions on the different software tools and approaches required for low frequency and high frequency problems.

What to expect?

  • Delagates learnt the latest developments in EM technology and saw how they are being applied to solve challenges in EM industry.
  • Discussed how to apply these EM simulation techniques to improve their own product design process to deliver profitable products.
  • Networked with prominent individuals in the UK EM engineering and simulation community.
Image 1 Birdcage Walk,
08 November 2016


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