Altair ATCx - Getting Serious with CFD

Fluid simulation is a mission critical task in various industries. To address design tasks in given project schedules is challenging due to timing restrictions, availability of sophisticated solution sets and licenses.

What can you expect?
Experience how industry leaders are applying a simulation driven design process and Altair CFD technology to develop truly innovative, profitable products faster. Contributions to the agenda are planned from: GKN, Jaguar Land Rover, Kampmann, Magna Powertrain, SAS, Siemens Wind, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and others.

Attendees will get a technology overview and learn

  • how Altair’s tools and technology address complex internal and external flow and thermal problems, Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) and Multiphysics.

  • how new modeling strategies are applied to accelerate the CFD process.

  • how Design Exploration Enablers allow automated Optimization and Design of Experiments become an integral part of the development process.

Your challenges:

  • You need to reduce your project lead time, accelerate modeling, solving time and result evaluation?

  • You want to go beyond the simulation to Design Exploration?

  • You need to achieve all of the above in given budget structures?

What will you get?
A deep insight in the Altair solution portfolio and its industrial application.
Altair’s tools are not just another set of CFD solvers. They are known for their superior robustness, speed and accuracy. It is a next generation flow solver solution set, which achieves excellent correlation to industry standard benchmarks without the time consuming and restrictive modeling requirements of other solvers. The codes are used worldwide by scientists and engineers to explore applications in a variety of markets including automotive, aerospace, energy, electronics cooling, and chemical processing.

Who should attend?
Fluid mechanics engineers and architects, development decision makers seeking new CFD technology for quicker, more accurate and easier design problem solving.

What does it cost?
Attending the conference is free of charge but places are limited, so please register early.

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Presentations are given predominantly in English.
Image October 18th 2016 in Steigenberger Hotel Metropolitan Frankfurt
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