Registration will begin at 9.00. During the morning, a coffee break will take place and lunch will be provided. Event is expected to end at 17.00.


Keynote Speakers



Stick with Altair: Innovation Intelligence

Brett Chouinard



Innovative Aero Structure Designs Based on Additive Manufacturing Technologies

José Carlos Martín, Juan Abellán, Juan José Carrillo



Simulation Driven Design and Additive Manufacturing applied for Filter Bracket

Ángel Martínez Martín



Additive Engineering

Santiago Martín (INTA), Alfonso Denia (EDDM)



Additive manufacturing in production

Alfonso Cabrera



Mass production in 3d printing, lights and shadows

Martín Sáez



Rapid prototyping application in functional prototype

Mariano Jiménez



Examples of potential weight reduction in aerospace parts with Altair Products

Evaristo del Castillo Rodríguez, Pedro Cañizares Gómez de Terreros



Solidthinking Demonstration: From Design Space to 3D printing

Daniel Fernández




Image Barclaycard Center (Truss Madrid) - Jorge Juan 99, 28009 Madrid


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