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This seminar consists of International Powertrain ‘Thought Leaders’ discussing how simulation has impacted their business, design and delivery processes.

The automotive market is driven by rapidly changing forces (emission regulations, social trends etc) which demand highly engineered innovative products that exhibit outstanding performance at minimum weight delivered within reduced timescales. Simulation is a fundamental technology to meet these product challenges and deliver business transformation.

New Simulation Technologies
In our everyday lives, intelligent software and inexpensive computing has revolutionised our access to information and the immediacy with which it is communicated. This explosion of technology is also transforming the Powertrain development process. Increasingly, up-front simulation can confidently predict the multi-physics behaviour providing the gateway to intelligent technologies which deliver optimum balanced design between weight and engine performance.

New Delivery Models
New engineering delivery models are being implemented to efficiently integrate simulation technology into established design processes with maximum impact and minimal disruption. These highly collaborative environments result in closer integration of all the design functions.

Freeform optimization used to define next generation piston architecture

Who Should Attend?
Powertrain Executives and Managers who are confronted with the challenges of meeting weight, performance and cost targets against aggressive timescales, together with Company Strategists tasked with delivering improvements to established design processes.

Why Should You Attend?
Ensure that your company is aware and can benefit from advances in new simulation technology. Provides an opportunity to network and exchange information with other senior Powertrain Professionals and ‘Thought Leaders’.
Image BMW Welt, Munich, Germany November 17, 2015
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