Technical Seminars

Technical Seminars offered at European ATC in Paris on September 29th

The following technical seminars will be given at the 8th European ATC: Registration and attendance is free of charge. Please register here!

Multi-Disciplinary Optimization Workshop

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  • Introductions, Overview of MDO & Challenges
    • Introduction to the Topic of MDO
    • MDO in industry - Example: Large industrial problems BIW
    • Industry challenges - Time Related, Large data sets, Cultural Change, Cross Functional Co-operation
    • HPC Integration - The Key to Successful Deployment
  • Optimization Technology Review
    • Gradient Based – OS (multiple start point facility) - Example: NVH Static
    • Response Surface – (Global / Local / Adaptive) - Example: Crash Examples
  • Meeting the Challenges – Model Set-up
    • Strategy – Assume import of run ready decks
    • Efficient MDO Set-up
    • DV Set-up - No concept of Master Model, No numbering strategy required
    • Industry Independent Templates – BIW, Closures, Nacelle, Trucks, Rail
    • Auto Overchecking
  • Meeting the Challenges – Unique Optimization Strategy
    • Global versus Local response surfaces (Sub Space Technique – Test plan point flexibility)
    • Test Plan – Space filling strategy – Error Estimation
    • Response Surface Fitting Technology and Resulting Optimization
  • Meeting the Challenges – HPC Resource Accessibility
    • Efficient Utilization of HPC
    • Intelligent Interaction between HPC and Optimization Requirement
  • Meeting the Challenges – Post Processing
    • Specialised Plots
    • Post-correlation sensitivities studies
  • Live Demonstrations of the MDO Tool
    • BIW Example
    • Global response surface limitations
    • Local response surface – Sub Space Technique – Test plan point flexibility
    • Powertrain, Nacelle, Truck, Rail etc.
    • Typical HPC Requirements & ROI Benefits
  • Interactive Feed-back Session
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Symposium on System Simulation and Embedded Development

1st block 11:00 - 13:00

  • "Model Based Development – Challenges and Opportunities" - Michael Hoffmann, Altair
  • "Demonstration VisSim SIMULATE" - Franck Delcroix and Ramin Nikoukhah, Altair
  • "Leveraging Simulink Models in VisSim" - Pierre Weis, Inria

2nd block 14:00 - 15:30

  • "Modeling of Pressure Dynamics in the Process Industries" - Nigel Elliott, Jackfern
  • "Automated Analysis of Pressure Oscillations in Pipeline Systems" - Heiko Baum, Fluidon
  • "HVAC Simulations – Best of 1D and 3D Approach" - Livio Mariano, Altair
  • "Accelerate Model Based Development by Physical Modeling" - Paul Goossens, Maplesoft

3rd block 16:00 - 17:30

  • "Leveraging the Synergy of VisSim SIMULATE and MotionSolve" - Thierry Bernard, Altair
  • "Multi-model Integration and Virtual Experimentation with xMOD" - Nicolas Pernet, IFPEN
  • "Embedded Development – Challenges and Industrial Applications," - Isi Matalon, Altair
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Modeling / Visualization - HyperWorks 14.0

From concept to reality through lead time reduction and enhanced performances, this is how a CAE framework have to support product life cycle nowadays. Learn how HyperWorks Desktop, 14.0 Release, gets closer to the engineering paradigm with the Common Model Workflow, improved Meshing performances, enhanced interfaces to solvers and as well how the Altair platform can boost the vertical focused solution.
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Reengineering of Topology Optimization Results - Inspire and PolyNURBS

In an optimization driven design process, going from a conceptual optimization result to a CAD geometry can be a tedious and time consuming activity. Learn how to take advantage of the unique freedom from PolyNURBS technology to unleash your creativity and create CAD concepts in an intuitive, easy and fast way
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Gearbox Oil Simulation

nanoFluidX is a particle-based fluid dynamics simulation tool to predict the flow in complex geometries with complex motion. It can be used to predict the oiling in powertrain systems with rotating shafts/gears and analyze forces and torques on individual components of the system. Utilizing the GPU technology empowers high performance simulations of real geometries. In this workshop we show the ease-of-use of nanoFluidX and present the general capabilities of nanoFluidX with several example cases. Selected real-world problems of current projects demonstrate the state-of-the-art of the released software and future developments are discussed in the outlook.
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Composites Materials / RADIOSS

  • Model Initialization (Material Orientations using HyperForm, OptiStruct)
  • Post Processing for Composite Materials
  • Optimization of the Composite Structure
  • Failure Criteria for Composite Materials
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CFD Meshing - HyperMesh for CFD Meshing

  • Introductions, Overview of CFD Pre processing
    • Introduction on the New CFD approach
    • Industry challenges –  Faster and More efficient Pre processing
  • Improvements  On Large Model Handling
    • Memory Footprint
    • New Graphic Engine
    • New tools on Graphics  (Level of Detail, Section cuts etc)
  • Meeting the Challenges – 2D Model Set-up
    • Regions, Flexibility on CFD modeling
    • Tools for Faster geometry/FE Cleanup
    • Efficient Surface meshing
    • New algorithms for High quality CFD surface meshing
    • Powerful wrapping technology
  • Meeting the Challenges – Volume Meshing
    • New Approach on Boundary Layers
    • New Algorithms for top Performance and Accuracy
    • Unique ideas on industrial problems
    • 2 Way collaboration between HM and Users
    • Improvements on Volume Tetra meshing
  • Meeting the Challenges – Post Processing
    • Specialised Tools
    • Large model Handling
  • Live Demonstrations of the CFD tools (45 minutes)
    • Cleanup tools
    • Surface meshing
    • BL meshing
    • Volume meshing
  • Interactive Feed-back Session
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Altair NVH Solutions

This workshop introduce Altair full frequency and multi-physics solutions for solving the most pressing problems in the NVH field. It will provide an overview of Altair’s solutions designed to facilitate the best in class NVH design process, coupled with real-time demonstrations of key product features. The focus of the workshop is on effective NVH problem resolution.
  • What Will I Learn?
    • Advanced pre-processing for NVH engineers including full vehicle assembly and loadcase management
    • Advanced post-processing for effective root cause investigation and counter measure studies
    • Advanced acoustics solutions for trim modeling, noise reduction, and sound radiation
    • Use of dynamics reduction techniques (CMS and CDS superelements) to reduce runtime
    • Optimization and stochastics
  • Who Should Attend?
    • NVH engineers and specialists
    • NVH managers
  • 3 sessions will be available to cover this topics :
    • All OptiStruct NVH capabilities
    • BIW NVH process
    • Powertrain NVH
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OptiStruct Analysis and Optimization / Nonlinearities & Large deformations

Classic linear approach is not accurate enough to consider very non-linear phenomena: plasticity, hyper-elasticity, contacts, instability, etc. Recent improvements in OptiStruct now allow to handle different types of nonlinearities. In particular, OptiStruct enables the use of the large deformation and rotation theory to model mechanism where the initial geometry is changed in such a way that its behavior is modified. By studying some application examples, you will learn how to benefit from those new features together with other OptiStruct advanced modeling technics to better-faster simulate and predict the complex behavior of highly engineered products.

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CFD Analysis with AcuSolve and ultraFluidX

Altair constantly develops and enriches its CFD offering. Today with AcuSolve, a Navier-Stokes based solver, and ultraFluidX, utilizing a Lattice Boltzmann approach, Altair is providing a broad CFD solution allowing customers to choose the best approach for their applications.

This workshop illustrates the strong capabilities of AcuSolve for external aerodynamics, thermal analysis and multi-physics applications like fluid-structure interaction (FSI) or coupling with a multi-body dynamics (MBD) solver.

On the other hand, ultraFluidX allows to perform transient external aerodynamics simulations of production car geometries within a few hours on a single workstation leveraging GPU technology. Low surface mesh requirements and the integrated automatic volume meshing yield fast turnaround times during the development process. Both CFD solvers can be accessed via the Virtual Wind Tunnel, a dedicated software for external aerodynamic analyses.

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Image September 29th - October 1st, 2015
Cité de la Musique,
Paris, France
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