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nCode products are provided by HBM, a world-wide technology and market leader of solutions that enable engineers to understand product performance, accelerate product development and improve design. The nCode software suite is backed by over 30 years of experience in fatigue analysis software for both test data applications and FE-based fatigue analysis.

Available through the APA, nCode DesignLife is a complete fatigue solution that uses leading FE results to identify critical locations and calculate fatigue lives in the time and frequency domains; from high to low cycle, uniaxial to multiaxial, crack initiation to crack growth. This provides APA users with an unparalleled combination of ease-of-use and powerful fatigue analysis without additional investment.


AlphaSTAR is a leading engineering services and software company that provides innovative physics-based simulation technologies for structural modeling and analysis of advanced composite structures in the aerospace, automotive, defense, and energy industries worldwide. Utilized in defense agencies, manufacturing companies, and universities, the company’s product line includes its core structural design and simulation software, GENOA, and also MCQ Composites, enabling customers to reduce their need for expensive physical testing by over 60%. AlphaSTAR is headquartered in Long Beach, California and is the recipient of esteemed industry and technology awards for R&D and software development.

Brüel & Kjær The ability to make the right decision at the right stage of the product development cycle is critical to your company’s success. Accurate data isn’t enough; you need to be able to understand that information and how to act on it– fast. Brüel & Kjær’s unique solutions help companies analyze data, map results and predict outcomes that allows its users to make informed critical decisions: saving time and money. That’s why for over 70 years people have turned to Brüel & Kjær as their sound and vibration experts. Applying unmatched levels of resource and expertise, Brüel & Kjær has advised automotive companies, their suppliers and their sub suppliers so they can make valuable decisions at every stage in the product design cycle. Bruel & Kjaer products and services coupled with our strategic partnerships provide insight for our customers to help them understand and adapt to unique product and market conditions and apply solutions to meet every need.

CAEfatigue Limited was set up by a like-minded engineers to offer practical solutions to situations where fatigue, dynamics and CAE methods need to be integrated within an analysis process. The result is new software created from the ground up that has no equal. CAE fatigue VIBRATION (our flagship product) offers unmatched frequency domain random response and fatigue calculation capabilities. Our company has created software that is a generational improvement over existing methodologies and will open the door to significant computational and process efficiency gains across all industries that benefit from random response and fatigue calculations done in the frequency domain. CAEfatigue Limited is committed to continuous product improvement and will continue to bring the latest methodologies and technology to our customers.

Click2Cast by Quantech ATZ is a casting process simulation software developed under an innovative user experience, allowing the complete simulation to be done in 5 simple steps and through a completely new and user-friendly interface. Click2Cast allows the users to enhance and optimize their manufactured components avoiding typical casting defects such as air entrapment, porosity, cold shots, and more, thanks to the simple and quick mold filling and solidification simulation.

This is EASYmulation, a new concept developed to increase the usability of simulation software for casting industry, with no training needed, no high technical complexity and no needs of qualified staff. EASYmulation in Click2Cast, allows saving time and money, moving the current complex simulation processes to only 5 simple steps from opening the model to analyze the results.

Desktop Engineering (DE), part of Peerless Media LLC, is the market leader in technology information for Design Engineers. Our print magazine, website, newsletters and blogs focus on what design engineering teams need to know about CAD, PLM, Visualization, Analysis, Simulation, 3D Scanning, Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, Test and the computer systems that enable great design. DE delivers an audience of 60,000* design professionals who use DE as a resource of information to do their jobs smarter and faster.

Engineering Center Steyr (ECS) Magna Powertrain Engineering Center Steyr is Magna's center of excellence for world class automotive engineering services. The company employs 770 people providing a range of services globally to car and commercial vehicle OEM’s.

Magna Powertrain’s software products include FEMFAT, KULI, FEMFAT LAB and MAMBA. These software solutions support engineers to design and develop vehicles and engines that are lightweight, environmentally friendly while reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Magna is a world leader in the automotive industry and a full service supplier providing unique software. Together with a global engineering network and support for customers Magna ensures a successful transition from concept through production.

LOGE AB, Lund Combustion Engineering, is a Swedish consultancy and software development company. Our main competence is the development of software tools used for simulating chemical processes, such as combustion, emission formation and after treatment. Our product LOGEsoft is specialized in analyzing and simulating complex chemistry processes for engineering applications. LOGEengine is the newest addition to the LOGEsoft product family and is an intelligent tool for automatic simulation tuning. LOGEengine aims to provide a complete solution for going from experimental data to a fully set up case coupled to the LOGEsoft SRM in-cylinder combustion models.

Granta Design If you need materials property data for use in HyperMesh, Granta can help. Granta provides the leading system for materials information management in engineering enterprises. Companies manage their materials data lifecycle—storing their complex materials data alongside relevant materials reference data, and managing this information resource as data changes with on-going research, testing, analysis, or simulation. With the new GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for HyperMesh, this managed materials information can be accessed directly within the HyperMesh environment and used in your simulation.

Maplesoft, a subsidiary of Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd. in Japan, is the leading provider of high-performance software tools for engineering, science, and mathematics. Its product suite reflects the philosophy that given great tools, people can do great things. Maplesoft’s core technologies include the world’s most advanced symbolic computation engine and revolutionary physical modeling techniques. Combined together, these technologies enable the creation of cutting-edge tools for design, modeling, and high-performance simulation. Maplesoft’s products help to reduce errors, shorten design times, lower costs, and improve results. The Maplesoft product suite includes Maple™, the technical computing and documentation environment, and MapleSim™, the high-performance, multi-domain modeling and simulation tool for physical systems.

Matereality and DatapointLabs, USA form a comprehensive resource for strengthening the materials knowledge core of manufacturing enterprises. Matereality’s Software for Materials gives companies the means to build databases to store properties, CAE material files, and material information on any material. The built-in suite of web-based software helps engineers visualize and understand material data, create CAE models and manage materials information. DatapointLabs’ Technical Center for Materials provides accurate material testing, material parameter conversion and model validation services for CAE, allowing companies to populate their databases with high-quality, application-ready data for design and new product development.

Materialise began as a specialist in Rapid Prototyping (RP) and Additive Manufacturing (AM) and has grown into the market leader for 3D printing and digital CAD software. Materialise has a state-of-the-art AM facility with numerous technologies, which has allowed our team to become industry experts. With first-hand knowledge of all the technologies and bottlenecks in AM, our software development staff -the largest in the sector- stays ahead of the trends. We provide software solutions for every step of the AM process, from design to printed part, as well as solutions for 3D printers varying from the smallest to the largest. Together these solutions form a software platform for 3D printing which links applications from various markets and industries, ranging from automotive, aerospace, medical industry, consumer goods and many more to the wide range of 3D printers and Additive Manufacturing technologies.

Mechanical Simulation provides CarSim, TruckSim and BikeSim software to accurately simulate the dynamic behavior of cars, light and heavy trucks, and motorcycles. Over 60 OEM's and 50 Tier 1 suppliers use our software. Most of these customers have validated their simulation results to real proving ground test data. Our software includes example vehicles, roads and test procedures ready for immediate use. Real-time versions work on the most common HIL systems used worldwide. Models can be easily extended with Simulink, in-house models (tires, brakes, etc.) and other CAE or optimization tools. Encrypted datasets are exchanged with OEM's and their partners for faster product development. Over 300 engineering driving simulators use CarSim or TruckSim for accurate testing of future chassis systems or new ADAS products in realistic traffic scenarios.

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D) has been providing the professional CAE analysis solution “Moldex” series for the plastic injection molding industry since 1995, and the current product “Moldex3D” is marketed and supported worldwide. Committed to providing advanced technologies and solutions for industrial demands, CoreTech System has extended its worldwide sales and service network to provide local, immediate, and professional services. CoreTech System provides innovative simulation software to help customers troubleshoot from product design to development, optimize design patterns, shorten time-to-market, and maximize product return on investment. More information about Moldex3D can be found at www.moldex3d.com.

MultiMechanics provides CAE software for the physics-based analysis of advanced materials. MultiMechanics helps clients quickly and accurately relate material micro-structural details to overall structural performance and service-life. Our breakthrough two-way coupled multi-scale technology was developed in response to the ever increasing use of advanced novel materials in multiple industries ranging from aerospace to automotive to energy. Whether you are trying to come up with the newest, strongest, lightest material ever, or you are trying to gain insight into how your current materials behave within a part, the flexible, fast, and extremely accurate tools from MultiMechanics can help!

Munro & Associates helps manufacturers around the world in all industries increase profits – CONSISTENTLY. Since 1988, Munro & Associates has helped its customers save billions of dollars while generating tremendous increases in profits and market share. From the company that brought you DFM, Munro has developed DFM and DFA into a greater, more robust suite of tools and methods called Design Profit®.

NAFEMS is the International Association for the Engineering Modelling, Analysis and Simulation Community. We are a not-for-profit organization which was established in 1983. We focus on the practical application of numerical engineering simulation techniques such the Finite Element Method for Structural Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Multibody Simulation. In addition to end users from all industry sectors, our stakeholders include technology providers, researchers and academics. Our mission is to promote the safe and reliable use of finite element and related technology, through education, professional development, knowledge exchange and collaboration.

PART Engineering provides CAE services and develops software tools in the scope of FEA. Our mission is to enable our customers to gain more value from their FE simulations and to make their CAE processes more efficient. With regard to that from our years of experience in CAE we have developed software products, such as CONVERSE to meet the needs of CAE engineers – creating reliable results by using simple and robust applications.

Prototype Today is an informational resource website for prototyping and manufacturing videos, news and events. The site contains over 4,000 videos broken down into 60+ categories for easy access. There are also over 3,500 articles and press releases available to search by a variety of criteria including company, most recent, tags, and by month.

RAMDO Solutions, LLC was established in fall 2013 to develop the commercial software Reliability Analysis & Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (RAMDO) to support academia, industry, and the Department of Defense. The research behind the reliability analysis methods in the RAMDO software first originated in 1995 under the supervision of Professor K.K. Choi at The University of Iowa in collaboration with the Automotive Research Center (ARC) funded by the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development & Engineering Center (TARDEC). The research version of the software has been successfully applied by users in the areas of: noise, vibration and safety design of vehicles; durability; casting process design; ship hydrodynamics; fluid structure interaction; welding design; superconducting magnetic energy storage system; electro-thermal polysilicon actuator; etc.

Established in 1984, Software Cradle has been dedicated to developing practical CFD software that shortens product design lead time while enabling higher product quality and performance. As a Japanese scientific software developer, we have grown in knowledge and experience. We are now extending our business worldwide through the APA program by offering our main products, SC/Tetra and scSTREAM. As a leading CFD software company, we continue to provide customers with unique and reliable solutions focused on product quality, value, creativity, and innovation.

ThermoAnalytics is a team of industry-leading engineers and scientists with many advanced degrees and decades of experience in the fields of CAE software development, computational heat transfer, infrared signature prediction, thermal-fluid systems design and modeling, and field/lab measurements. ThermoAnalytics develops cross-platform engineering software. Their RadTherm software is widely considered the most efficient and accurate transient heat transfer code available; many of the world’s most advanced research teams use RadTherm to analyze and develop their products.
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