8:30AM - Registration

9:00AM-9:10AM - Opening
Ottmar Kappes, Country Manager - Altair Mexico

9:10AM-9:40AM - Altair Overview and Vision
Brett Chouinard, Chief Operating Officer

9:40AM-10:40AM - HyperWorks Overview and Focus on OptiStruct: Modern Solver Technology for Innovative and Lightweight Design
Warren Dias, Altair

10:40AM-11:10AM - Hyperworks for CFD: Simulating Reality with Multiphysics and Optimization
Steve Cosgrove, Altair

11:10AM-11:25AM - Break

11:25AM-11:45AM - solidThinking Inspire
Ricardo Garza, Altair Mexico

11:45AM-12:10PM - Stove Legs Brackets Redesign through Structural Optimization and Formability Analysis for Drop Test
Dante Sánchez, MABE

12:10PM-12:35PM - Laundry Center Packaging Design and Optimization to Bear Impact Loads during Shipping
Dante Sánchez & José Luis Moreno, MABE

12:32PM-12:45PM - Break

12:45PM-01:10PM - Component Level Mass reduction Supporting the new Automotive Technology
Vicente Cepeda, GM

01:10PM-01:35PM - Chassis & Powertrain Components Optimization
Arturo Sánchez, FORD

01:35PM-02:00PM - Reverse Engineering and Forming Simulation of an Austenitic Door Lining of a Dishwasher.
José Luis Macías, UPAEP

02:00PM-03:00PM - Lunch

03:00PM-03:25PM - Simulation and Correlation of Airflow & Thermal Distribution of an Electric Heated Laundry Dryer
Pablo Soto, MABE

03:25PM-03:50PM - Multi-objective optimization of a heat sink for a LED device using SC/Tetra and Hyperstudy
Sponsor: Yuya Ando, CRADLE

03:50PM-04:05PM - Break

04:05PM-04:30PM - Correlation and Fine-tuning of a Refrigerator Baseline FEA Model for further Analysis and Optimization
Mauricio Barce, MABE

04:30PM-04:55PM - Body Exterior CAE Process Improvement based on Tcl/Tk Programming
Alfonso Hickman, FORD

04:55PM-05:00PM - Closing
Ottmar Kappes, Country Manager - Altair Mexico

05:00PM-08:00PM - Networking Event
Image 5 de Junio, 2014

Hacienda De Los Morales, Polanco. Ciudad de México

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