2013 Presentations

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April 23rd, 2013

Keynote Session 1

Dr. Michael Hoffmann, Altair
Welcome Address

James Scapa, Altair
Altair's Company Vision

Detlef Schneider & Paolo Sansalvadore, Altair
Altair's Product Development Strategies

Nevio Di Giusto, FIAT/ATA
Managing Complexity through a Rigorous Flexibility: the New Expert's Role in the Automotive Industry

Keynote Session 2

Andrea Pontremoli, Dallara
Chasing the Excellence: Product Development and Innovation through Advanced Engineering and Systems Simulations at Dallara Automobili

Anthony Hähnel, Renault
Optimization Driven Design at Renault – an Innovative Approach to Lighter and More Efficient Powertrain

Jean-Luc Assor, HP
The Architecture for Discovery – Accelerating Innovation in Design and Simulation at any Scale

April 24th, 2013

Keynote Session 3

Dr. Ronaldo Fernandes Nunes, Daimler
Brakes don't Simply Mean Brakes: Challenges in CAE

Dr. Ajay Asok Kumar, ClassNK
Ship Structure Evaluation Tool Based on HyperWork

Franck Mouriaux, Ruag Space
Engineering Process Improvement for S/C Structures at RUAG Space using HyperWorks

Gennaro Monacelli, CNH
"Product Development and Innovation" Process Based on the Extensive Usage of CAE/PLM Technologies

April 23rd, 2013

Technical Session 1 Optimization

Emanuele Santini, Autoneum
Optimized Design for Vehicle Underbody System

Andrea Merulla, Ferrari
Optimization Methodology for Innovative Automotive Crash Absorbers Definition in Different Vehicle Configurations

Giovanni Tuccitto, Fiat
Concept Design of a Cross Car Beam Using Topology Optimization in OptiStruct

Dr. Karsten Bohle, Opel
Optimization Center – Consistent Integration of Structural Optimization in the Development Process of Passenger Cars

Dr Sangwoo Cha, Hyundai
Shape Optimization of Engine Moving Components with Hyper-Study Integration

Technical Session 2 RADIOSS Safety

Fabien Breda & Lionel Morançay, Altair
HyperCrash Dummy Positioning Using RADIOSS Fast and Accurate Innovative Features

Massimiliano Bogge, Giovanni Toniato, Sergio Bianco, Alessandro Cozzolino, FIAT
FEM Simulation of a Composite Material Monocoque Under Impact Loading using HyperWorks Radioss Block Solver

Cécile Demain, Solvay Engineering Plastics
Stamping Process Integration of Composites in Crash Analysis

Filippo Veneziani, Dallara
Crash simulations of CFRP structures for automotive and racing applications

Robert Kant, Humanetics
Humanetics Anthropomorphic Test Device News and Radioss Model Developments

Sylvaine Pormenté, François Renaudin, Dorel
Impact of a New Regulation for Child Restraint Systems on Crash Simulation

Technical Session 3 ALM/Aero

Martin Muir, EADS
Multidisciplinary Optimisation of Business Jet MED Hinge for Production by Additive Manufacturing

Wolfgang Machunze, EADS
Topology Design of a Metallic Load Introduction Bracket Manufactured by ALM

Vito Chinellato, EOS
Sustainability Approach by Design Optimization for Advanced Layer Manufacturing

Simon Merkt, RWTH Aachen/ILT Fraunhofer
Digital Photonic Production - Optimization Potentials by Laser Based Manufacturing

Jannis Kranz, TUHH
Structural Optimization and Laser Additive Manufacturing in Lightweight Design: Barriers and Chances

Nils Keller, University of Bremen
Multi-Scale FEM Simulation of Selective Laser Melting Process

Technical Session 4 MBD

Rajiv Rampalli, Altair
Altair Multi-Body Solutions – 2013 Update

Stefano Largo et al., CNH
Virtual Stability Simulation of a Telescopic Handler Machine According to the Standard UNI EN 1459

Magnus Olofsson, Honda R&D Development
MR Damper and Active Suspension Modeling for Body Loads Prediction

Hernán Mercado-Corujo, Honda R&D Development
Frequency & Amplitude Dependent Bushing Model Implementation in Full-Vehicle Simulation

Marco Morone, Altran
Multibody Analysis and Optimization of a Vending Machine

Philip Holzwarth, ITM University Stuttgart
Advantages of Alternative Model Reduction in Structural Mechanics

Technical Session 5

Stephanie Scapa, Altair
Unlock 40+ Partner Applications with Your HyperWorks Units

Hakan Fransson, NovaCast Foundry Solutions AB
NovaFlow & Solid CV - Improved Casting Quality and Strength Using Casting Process Simulation Efficiently

Sascha Pazour, Part Engineering
Improved Strength Prediction of Injection Molded Fiber Reinforced Components by Considering Fiber Orientations

Antti Jussila, ThermalAnalytics
Coupled thermal, structural, and CFD simulation using RadTherm and HyperWorks

Viktor Pocajt, Key to Metal
Development of a New Altair Custimized Database of Advanced Material Properties

Dr. Angelo De Fenza, AlphaSTAR
Damage and Failure Mechanism Study of Composite/hybrid Crush Tubes during Axial Crush through Progressive Failure Dynamic Analysis

Technical Session 6 Optimization

Thomas Partarrieu, Volvo GTT
Mass Optimization using Linear and Non-linear Loadcases Combined

Matthias Konzelmann, DLR
A CAE-driven Design Methodology for Semi-autonomous Product Development for the Next Generation Light Weight Vehicle Structures

Elias Amro, ADESS
Topology Optimization of a Prototype Race Car Rear Wing Pillar

Anuja Nagle, FH Aachen
A Design Approach for Lightweight Car Body Construction with an Example on the Micro-car "ec2go"

Technical Session 7 Safety

Gerard Winkelmuller, Altair
Strengths and Weaknesses of the Different Contact Formulations Available in Explicit Software

Edouard Ferry, Karine Thoral-Pierre, CEDREM
Hybrid Standalone Ceramic / Composite Protection on Advanced FE human Body Model HUBYX

Ralf Euser, Femto
Numerical Simulation of Liquid Sloshing and Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) Inside Closed Volumes

Dr. Ekaterina Mazanchenko et al., ENSMA-PPRIME
Experimental and Numerical Simulation of Laser Driven Shock Waves in Water

Daniel Baumgartner, University of Strasbourg
Rat Brain Injury Mechanism Identification through Indentation Experiment FE Reconstruction

Technical Session 8 Aero

Daniele Biagio Di Sanzo, Agusta Westland
Automation of "Ply Elimination" Procedure in HyperWorks for Failure Analysis of Composite Structures

David Schmid, Ruag Aviation
Vibration Behaviour of External Payload on Rotorcraft

Valentina Dolci, Thales Alenia Space/Politecnico di Torino
Detection & Analysis of Barely Visible Impact Damage & its Progression on a Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel

Maurizio Coltro, Altran/Politecnico Torino
Study on Structural Behavior of an Atmospheric Reentry Vehicle During Ditching

Gunnar Clemen, Cassadian
Airframe Engineering Process at CASSIDIAN

Technical Session 9

Angela Hettel, Eberspächer Exhaust Technology GmbH & Co. KG.
Strategies for Fast Structural Welding Simulation

Markus Reinert, DTE Verfahrenstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Consideration of Uncertainties in Forming Simulation Using HyperWorks

Dr. Amin Sedighiamri, SABIC Innovative Plastics
Prediction of Wrapage in Welded Assemblies

Steffen Garke, University Rostock
Sequentially Cold Forming Simulation of Complex Shaped Heavy Plates

Metin Çalli, Coskunoz
Process Simulation of Tube Stamping on HyperWorks Platform

Technical Session 10 Partner Session

Gerald Hofmann, Cosin
FTire Real-Time Application: Solver improvements and SMP execution

Federic Kihm, nCode
Fatigue due to Random Loadings

Axel Werkhausen, Magna ECS
Sensitivity Evaluation of Welding Seams in Durability Analysis with FEMFAT

Dr. Heiko Baum, FLUIDON
DSHplus and AcuSolve - Fluid Power System Simulation Hand in Hand

Macoumba N'Diaye, Software Cradle/Flourem
Fan Optimization in Automotive Industry

April 24th, 2013

Technical Session 11 Composites/Optimization

Ming Zhou, Altair
Recent enhancements for Composite Design Optimization

Karine Thoral-Pierre, CEDREM
New Numerical Tool Ktex-LayUp Software to Simulate Lay up of 2D and 3D Weave for Composite Process

Andrea Giubellini, Dallara
Optimization of a Race Car Carbon Chassis

Marcel Zeisberg, VW Motorsport/ UAS Zwickau
Development of a Composite Seat for a WRC Racing Car

Michele Rabito, AMET srl.
Optimisation Based Composites Materials Characterization

Technical Session 12 NVH

Harold Thomas, Altair
Simulation Driven NVH Design

Jens Weber, ÅF, Dr. Casper Wickman, Volvo Cars
The E-LINE™ Method - Integrating Squeak&Rattle simulation into the virtual design process at Volvo Car Corporation

Ismail Benhayoun, Altair
Implementation of Squeak and Rattle Analysis in HyperWorks

Andrea Camia, Fiat
NVH CAE application on vehicle development

Mirco Monfredini, Fiat
Vehicle Weldspots Position Optimization for NVH

Technical Session 13 CFD

Marc Ratzel, Altair
Aerodynamic simulations with AcuSolve

Geneviève Dutil, Lx R&D inc.
Aerodynamic Development of a Road Bicycle Helmet: Breakaway with CFD

Manuel Henner, Valeo
Fan System Simulation Through HyperMesh and Aculsove Solutions

Rodrigo Benvenides, Valeo
Improving Fan Conception to Get the Expected Performance

Raul Cano, Black&Decker
Fan Optimization for Power Tools using HyperWorks

Technical Session 14 Development Process

Dr. Luisa Rovera, AgustaWestland
The New Approach to Weight Management

Ing. Giovanni Giorcelli, Iveco
Cost Analytics, a Solution to Support the Product Costing Process by Adopting Powerful Functionalities from Business Analytics Tools, During the Entire Product Lifecycle

Thomas Grausgruber, Siemens
Parametric Surface Modelling for Rapid Shell Mesh Setup of Railway Vehicle Carbodies

Vladi Nosenzo, Iveco
How to Increase Computing Power, Reducing Costs, Using the Local Windows TWS, in a Linux HPC Configuration

D. Junglas, Kirchhoff
Easy Submitting, Intelligent Scheduling and Monitoring Results of Finite Element Jobs with PBS Works

Technical Session 15 Optimization

Bernard Charlet, PSA Peugeot Citroën
Oil Pan Topology Optimization with Crash Specifications

Oliver Grimes, University of Coventry
Automatic Generation of an Optimised BIW Architecture from a Styling Envelope

Prof. Massimiliano Avalle, Politecnico di Torino
Topological Optimization of a Dental Prosthesis

Bruno Morcinelli, Politecnico di Torino
Design and Construction of the Prototype IDRApegasus: From the Steering System to the Wheels

Technical Session 16 NVH/Durability

Eduardo Porto, Semcon
Acoustic Optimization of an Engine Oil Pan Concerning the Equivalent Radiated Sound Power Function

Woytek Tworzydlo, Altair
Application of OptiStruct to Solution of Powertrain Problems

Berk Yavuz Özberk, Getrag Ford Transmissions GmbH
Automatic Bolt Connection Generation for CAE Model Assembly

Dr. Gyorgy Toth, Knorr Bremse
Automation of Brake Panel Modelling in HyperMesh

Technical Session 17 CFD/Thermal

Jessica Jasper, KSPG AG
Morphing Process for CFD without Restrictions

Roberto Rosi, Mattheo Giacopini, Astra Research
Finite Element Thermomechanical Analysis of an Exhaust Manifold System of a Diesel Engine for Automotive Applications

Michele Giannuzzi, Kite Group
Computational Methodologies for Thermo-Fluid Dynamics Problems in Electronics

Jose Fuentes Casella, Salford University
Evaluation of Large-bore composite Cryogenic Hoses effects during Offshore LNG unloading – CFD Turbulence Modelling, Boil-Off Gas and Annual Energy Costs Sensibility Analysis

Technical Session 18 Development Process

Thorsten Pohl, Opel
Simulation Data Management – an Integration of Database and Pre-processor

Matthias Eick, Altair (on behalf of Diehl Aircabin)
Process automation for A350 air conditioning system at Diehl Aircabin

Prof. Constantin Meis, CEA-INSTN
International Chair "Materials Simulation and Engineering"

Dino Bongini, Indesit Company
Model-Based Appliances Design Approach
Image June 24-26, 2014
Dolce Munich Unterschleissheim Munich, Germany
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