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Day 1
Keynote session 1

Dr. Michael Hoffmann, Altair
Welcome Address

James Scapa, Altair
Altair's Company Vision

Dr. Detlef Schneider, Altair
Altair's Product Direction - HyperWorks Vision

Luca Pignacca, Dallara
Speed and Safety: Composite Materials in Motorsport

Keynote session 2

Dieter Kuhnla, Diehl Aircabin
Lightweight and Innovative Cabin System Solutions

Dr. Ralph Stenger, Opel AG
Electro Mobility with Batteries and Fuel Cells

Tesuro Sato, Nippon Sharyo, LTD.
Flow Simulation Using AcuSolve to Improve Railway Vehicles

Dr. Stefan Gaßmann, Ford
Requirements on a CAE Environment from the Perspective of a Globally Operating Automotive OEM

Session 1 Optimization
Elmar Teipen et al, Ford Werke
Body Structure and Chassis Optimization for Improving Driving Maneuvers

Julien Michel, ALLEVARD REJNA Autosuspensions S.A.
Design Optim. of Suspension Coil Springs & Stabilizer Bars Using HS in Batch Mode

Michael Alb, Virtual Vehicle
Multidisciplinary Optimization in Bogie Development Using HS and Middleware

Roland Peter, Inteva
Sag Analysis of a Roller Blind System in Terms of Variations in the Production Process

Dr. Martin Müller Bechtel, et al., TECOSIM
Optimization Process for Correlation of Experimental and Numerical Modal Analysis

Werner Reinalter, Magna
DoE & Optimization in Automotive MBS Simulation Tasks

Session 2 Solvers

Raymond Ambs, Visteon
The significant role of AcuSolve at Visteon Climate Control

Hernán Mercado-Corujo, Honda R&D Americas
Full-Vehicle Multi-body Simulations on Virtual Roads - The Challenges of Success

Jiasheng Wang, Knorr Bremse
Application Examples and Potential for Explicit FE in the Analysis of Friction Brakes

Felix Blume, Eurocopter
Multibody-Simulation of Power Boosted Control System of a Medium Sized Helicopter

Yves-Marie Lefebre, Intelligent Light
Examining the Aerodynamic Performance of Bicycle Racing Wheels Using CFD

Jean-Luc Assor, HP/Intel
Altair, HP and Intel Increasing Productivety

Session 3 Development Process

Stefan Heinemann, Volkswagen
Automotive Sheet Metal Part Simulation and Tool Surface Derivation

Kimon Afsaridis, Iengineering
Aluminum Extrusion Optimization of Two Different Profiles per Hole

Marcello Ostorero, Bottero
Glass Machinery: Numerical Simulations to Meet Reliability and Performance Requirements

Claudius Oblasser, Alpla
Process Automation with HyperWorks for Blow Moulding of Plastic Containers

Dr. Wolfgang Korte, Part Engineering
Process - Structure Interaction for Injection Molded Plastics Parts

Teresa Primo, University Salento
Engineering Data Management for Metal Forming Process

Session 4 Partner Solutions

Dr. Michael Klein, INTES
High Performance Engine Analysis using HyperWorks and PERMAS

Dan Williams, Thomas Weninger, Granta Design
Integrating Materials Data Management into Design Optimization and Simulation

Axel Werkhausen, Magna
Durability Analysis Considering Real Life- and Production for Better Optimization Results

Heiko Baum, FLUIDON
DSHplus a APA Program Gateway Into the Model-Based Design of Mechatronics Systems.

Dr. Macoumba N'Diaye, Fluorem, Software Cradle
SC/Tetra, the Innovative CFD Software for Fluid and Thermal Analysis

Dr. Stephan Vervoort, HBM nCode
Best Practices for Fatigue Calculations on FE Models

Tilmann Mauz, Simpatec
Optimization of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Parts by Using Injection Molding Simulation

Session 5 Optimization

Dr. Elke Feifel, Voith Turbo
Topology and Shape Optimization Versus Traditional Optimization Methods

Dr. Harald Hasselblad, Volvo Cars
Topology Optimization of Vehicle Body Structure in the Early Design Phase

Malik Bakacha, Valeo Lighting Systems
First Approach of Optimization Applied to Components of Automotive Headlamp

Asbjørn Søndergaard, University Aarhus
Application of OptiStruct in Architectural Design

Christophe Bastien, University of Coventry
Towards the Lightweighting of Low Carbon Vehicle Architectures Using Topology Optimization

Session 6 RADIOSS/Safety

Francis Arnaudeau, Altair
Recent Developments of RADIOSS

Dr. Axel Hänschke, Ford Werke
Automatic Report Generation for Safety Simulation to improve CAE Process & Robustness

J. Hilmann, Ford
Correlation of Simulation Models Using Concept Modeling

Dr. Jörg Büttner, TRW Automotive
Curtain Airbag Design Process Optimization

Dr. Frank Braymand, L&L
Multi-domain Computation Technics Applied to Coupled Digimat / RADIOSS Simulations

Session 7 Development Process

Stephen Boot, Siemens PLM
HyperMesh-Teamcenter Integration Using a Standard PLMXML Interface

Uli Fox, Ford
Ford Motor Company CAE PLM Solution and integration with CAE Pre-Processor Software

Carolina Kalliokorpi, Saab
Efficient Virtual Development at Saab Automobile using HyperWorks

Dr. Hans Sippel, CAEvolution
Exploring Design-To-Cost in Vehicle Engineering using Altair’s Enterprise Solution: HiQube

Vladi Nosenzo, Iveco
Performance Evaluation of a Virtual Cluster at IVECO Engineering

Session 8 Aerospace

Marco Basaglia, Aermacchi
Topological, Size and Shape Optimization of an Underwing Pylon Spigot

Björn Bertram, Airbus
A400M Channel Fitting Optimization Topology Analysis Combined with Flexible Casting

Andreas Reim, Astrium Space Transportation
Optimization of Structural Components for the Ariane 5ME Upper Stage

Dirk Götze, Recaro Aircraft Seating
Use of Optimization Techniques to Reduce Weight in Aircraft Seating

Day 2
Keynote session 3

Dr. Ronaldo Fernandes Nunes, Daimler AG
Brake Development Process by Mercedes-Benz Cars

Pierre Da Cruz Louro, CARMAT
From Particle Flow to Saved Lives: How Simulation Supports Non-Thrombogenic Artificial Heart Design

Christoph Wagener, Kirchhoff Automotive
Car Body Lightweight Design - Requirements for Finite Element Analysis

Ming Zhou & Martin Kemp, Altair
Optimization of Composites - Recent Advances and Application

Session 9 Optimization

Jeroen Krijnen, Viro Engineering
Component Optimisation Driven by Flexible Body Vehicle Dynamics

Maurice Dietzel, Getrag
Topology Optimization Methods Applied to Automotive Transmission Housings

Isabel Braun, BELCAT
Topology Optimization of Valve Lever Taking into Account Possible Manufacturing Processes of Prototype

Jonathan Heal, McLaren
Composite Optimisation of the S-Works + McLaren Venge

Rodrigo Benevides, Valeo Powertrain Thermal Systems
Boosting the Concept of Topography Optimized Parts

Luca Frattari, Altair
Conceptual Design of a Pedestrian Bridge by Means of Topology Optimization

Session 10 RADIOSS/Safety

Mehrdad Asadi, Cellbond
The New Terminology to Develop and Evaluate IIHS Barrier Model Using Shell Elements

Daniel Baumgartner, University Strasbourg
Tissue-Level Stresses in Brain During Rotationally-Induced mTBI: 3D FE Rat Model Coupled with Test

Karine Thoral-Pierre, CEDREM
Biomechanical FE Model of Human Thorax/Abdomen/Pelvis System for High Speed Dyn. Simulation

Robert Kant, Humanetics
Q6 Child Dummy and FLEX PLI GTR Leg Model Development

Harold Van Aaken, Code PS
Coupling of Madymo & RADIOSS to Improve Child Safety

Frank Schoenmarkers, TASS
MADYMO Human Models for EuroNCAP Pedestrian Safety Assessment

Session 11 Development Process

Jim Hassberger, solidThinking
solidThinking and Inspired in HyperWorks 11.0: Let Your Ideas Take Shape

Andreas Hofmann, Tadano Faun
Analysis Process in Mobile Crane Development

Patrick Jumin, SNFC
Study on Engine Mounting

Jasmin Brühmann, Kirchhoff Automotive
Using Strain Hardening for Advanced Structural Analysis Quality of Vehicle Components

Martin Meyer, Faurecia Autositze
Improved Mapping Workflow with HyperMesh 11

Sandra Baldini et al, Piaggio/University Pisa
From CAD to Manufacturing: Optimization in the Design of Motorcycle Wheel Rim of New Scooter Tire Rim

Session 12 Aerospace

Daniele di Sanzo, Agusta Westland
Failure Analysis of a Composite Laminate in HyperWorks through “Ply Elimination” Procedure

David Jones, Airbus
Airbus Optimization Centre - Gearbeam Design Optimization

Fernass Daoud, Cassidian Germany
Integrated CAE Solutions - Multi- disciplinary Structure Optim. with CASSIDIAN LAGRANGE and HM

Wolfgang Machunze, EADS
Optimization Assisted Concept Design of Aircraft Floor Structures

Olivier Lo Verso, Diehl Aircabin
A350 (Recirculation Fan) Bracket Optimization

Peter Davidsson, Creo Dynamics
Simulation of Noise Control Treatments

Session 13 Composites

Jochen Döll, Audi
Challenges in the Simulation of Car Body Structures made from Composite Materials

Dr. Volker Gorzelitz, M.TEC
Simulation of Plastic Parts Considering Material and Production Specific Boundary Conditions

Christoph Katzenschwanz, Acentiss
Integrating HW into the Development and Optimisation of Windturbine Rotor Blades

Oliver Grimes, University of Coventry
Design and FEA of a Compo- site Monocoque Chassis for Shell Eco Marathon Project 2012

Kristian Seidel, Institut für Kraftfahrzeuge (ika) RWTH Aachen University
Series-Production Automotive Hood in Integral CFRP Design

Session 14 RADIOSS/Safety

Sylvain Tholance, ATR
Safety Analysis Relating to Storage Facilities or Storage of Hazardous Materials

Ralf Euser, Femto
Water wave impact on rigid walls

Giuseppe Resta, Altair
A Highly-tuned Modeling Environment for Crash Analysis and Safety Evaluation

Dr. Michel Arrigoni, ENSTA
Simulation of High Explosive Detonation in Air

Alexander Froloff, IHF
Optimization of O-EEA-Energy Absorber for Pedestrian Protection Loadcase of Vehicle Front Structure

Session 15 Development Process
Wolfgang Feickert, IHF
Assessment of Static Strength and Fatigue Life According to FKM-Code within HyperWorks

Charline Bonfils, EDAG
Model Updating Considering Damping Effects

Jens Weber; Ismail Benhayoun, Saab
SAR Line Method - A new method for Squeak & Rattle simulation and test developed at SAAB

Professor Michael Gipser, COSIN
Tire Simulation with FTire - More Than Rubber and Chord

David Fothergill, DJ Fothergill Consulting
Use of System Mod. Techni- ques to Filter Test Measure ments and Drive a Physical Vehicle NVH Simulator

Session 16 Aerospace/Turbines

Franck Mouriaux, RUAG Space/PD
Process Optimisation: Notching Automation for Spacecraft Payload under Sine Response

Dr Roberts Yancey, Altair
Concept Optimal Design of Composite Fan Blades

Lazaros Tsioraklidis, InterFEA
Modeling, Structural - CFD - kinematics Analysis and Optimization of UAV

Oleg Rojkov, Siemens Industrial Turbines
Strategy for Turbine Blade Solid Meshing Using HyperMesh

Agenda is subject to change.
Image June 24-26, 2014
Dolce Munich Unterschleissheim Munich, Germany
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