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June 25th, 2014

Keynote Session 1

Dr. Detlef Schneider, Altair
Welcome Address

James Scapa, Altair
Altair's Company Vision

James Dagg, Altair
Altair's Technology Vision

Dr. Uwe Schramm, Altair
Altair Product Update

Dr. Philipp Berendes, Porsche
Innovative Lightweight Designs in Sports-Car Development through CAE Supported Processes

Keynote Session 2

Max Szwaj, Ferrari
Automotive Lightweight Design at Ferrari

Mark White, Jaguar Land Rover
Lightweight Vehicle Design at Jaguar Land Rover

Mikael Thellner, Scania
With Altair Inspire on the Road Towards a Simulation Driven Product Development Process

Dr. Alois Starlinger, Stadler Rail
On the Application of HyperWorks for the Design of Bi-Level Trains

June 26th, 2014

Keynote Session 3

Jeff Brennan, Altair
20 Years of Innovation with OptiStruct

Magnus Lundgren, GKN Aerospace
The Analysis Process for Shell Models at GKN Aerospace

Mr Bisson, Valeo
Enabling a Standard Multiphysics Simulation Framework for Improving the Design To Cost, the Lean Development and the Efficiency

Björn Hübner, Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co. KG
FSI in Hydraulic Machinery - Applying AcuSolve to Identify Hydrodynamic Damping and Hydroelastic Instabilities

Stephan Gillich, Intel, Jean-Luc Assor, HP
HPC Innovation for Simulation Driven Design

Keynote Session 4

Jack Yan, Airbus
A Story of Tool Collaboration

Dr. Anton Falkner, Magna Steyer AG & Co KG
Searching for the Optimum Between Practical Project Expertise and Process Competence – Optimized Component Design in the Development Process by Using HyperWorks

Mustafa Gök, MAN
Challenges and Requirements for Automated Processes in Commercial Vehicle Development

Paul Dubois, Crash Expert Hermes Engineering
Needs and Trends of Crash Simulations in the Next 10 Years

Henrik Wenzel, Scania
Integrating Simulated Loads with Measurements and Strength Testing

June 25th, 2014

Technical Session 1: Lightweight Design

Lars Fredriksson, Altair
Lightweight Design Integrated with the Product Development Process

Wolfgang Baldauf, Airbus Helicopters
Weight Analytics Deployment for Helicopter Engineering

Franck Mouriaux, RUAG Space
Topology Optimisation of Tertiary Structures and Mass Savings for Satellite Structures

Christoph Katzenschwanz, ACENTISS
Influences on the Stiffness of Riveted Joints in Finite-Element-Models

Koen Vanden Boer, Flanders' Drive
Topography Optimization of a Tractor Body Panel

Axel Werkhausen, Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & Co KG
Fatigue Analysis of Short Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics and Continuous Carbon Fiber Laminates

Technical Session 2: Multi-Physics / CFD

Steve Cosgrove, Altair
Intro to CFD and Multiphysics Simulations

Fotis Konias, Altair
Flow Induced Noise Analysis on a Gulfstream 550 Landing Gear

Dr. Michel Arrigoni, ENSTA
Indent Tests for Explosive Equation of State Determination

Stephan Pitzing, Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Schienenfahrzeuge GmbH
Simulating Thermal Balance of Electronics – an AcuSolve Approach

Aymen Slimani & Dr. Jörg Sörensen, Magna Car Top Systems GmbH
Aerodynamic simulation of a cabriolet soft-top roof system with Virtual Wind Tunnel

Mathias Reichert, Westinghouse Electric Germany GmbH
Numerical Simulation of Liquid Sloshing with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Method in Nuclear Power Plant Facilities

Technical Session 3: Lead Time Reduction

Markus Haller, Altair
Intro to Lead Time Reduction

Markus Schemat, BMW
Automated Post-processing of Multi-Model Optimization Data

Matthieu Debray, Faurecia
Efficient Pre/Post Operations at Faurecia Seating with HyperWorks Products

Frederic Oger, PSA
HyperView at PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN a New Post-Processing Experience 

Benjamin Thomas, Valeo
Using HyperStudy to Pilot FEA-based Designs of Experiments on Engine Cooling Module Components

Daniel Baraboi, Cellino
Industrial Process Optimization and Cost Reduction with HyperWorks and solidThinking Inspire

Technical Session 4: ALM Symposium

James Dagg, solidThinking
Inspire for ALM: Roadmap and Vision

Andreas Nick, EADS APWorks
Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace Applications - Lessons Learned

Jannis Kranz, LZN
Laser Additive Manufacturing of Lightweight Structures in TiAl6V4 – a Design for Manufacturing Approach

David Ewing, Renishaw plc.
Riding into the Future - 3D Printed Bike

Udo Behrendt, EOS GmbH
3D Printing – Complex Engineering Made Simple

Daan A. J. Kersten, Additive Industries
Additive Manufacturing for High Tech Industries: AddLab Experiences Shared

Technical Session 5: System Simulation Symposium

Dr. Michael Hoffmann, Altair
System Modeling and Simulation at Altair

Danny Nowlan, ChassisSim Technologies
Determining Aero and Tyre Models of Race Cars from Data Using ChassisSim

Ingo Nolden, Altair
The Altair Bushing Model for Multibody Simulation

Multi Body Simulation of a Valve Train, Comparison of 1D and 3D Models and Measurement

Ronald Kett, FLUIDON
With Standardization to Flexibility: Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) Simplifies the World of Co-Simulation

Franck Delcroix, Altair Development France
Altair's Math & System Solutions: Product Demonstration

Technical Session 6: Lightweight Design

André Mönicke, Componeering
ESAComp-HyperWorks Composites Post-processing Interface for Space Applications

Mehmet Burak Yegin, Ford Otosan A.S
Fatigue Based Optimization of Cast Iron Bracket Depends on Proving Ground Data

Siwoo Lee, Hyundai
An Optimization Study of Dynamic Stiffness for Transmission Support Brackets

François Migeot, MS Composites
Smart Optimization Process for Metal Versus Composites Solutions

Sascha Pazour, Part Engineering
Improved Quality Prediction of Injection Molded Fiber Reinforced Components by Considering Fiber Orientations

Technical Session 7: Crash & Safety

Francis Arnaudeau, Altair
Recommendations for Airbag Numerical Simulation with Uniform and Variable Gas Pressure using RADIOSS

ECE R66 Simulation Accreditation Study with RADIOSS

Pierre-Jean Arnoux, LBA Marseille
The Interest of the Simulations in Case of the Understanding and Repairing of the Rachis

Sylvaine Pormenté, Dorel
Simulation Integration into the Safety Child Seat Development with HyperWorks Tools

Franck Njilie, Altair
Evaluation of Humos II for Side Facing Aircraft Seat Application

Technical Session 8: Lead Time Reduction

Florian van de Loo, Opel
CAE Process Chain for the Layout of Long-Fiber Reinforced Plastic Components

Zidane Tahir, GESTAMP
Weld Distortion Optimisation Using HyperStudy

Maurizio Chiarbonello, ItalDesign
HyperMesh and Trees - Importing and managing CATIA Product Structures in HyperMesh

Luzian Michel, RUAG Aviation
Automated Calculation of Stress Concentrations around Holes Using COM Interface of StressCheck

Daan Bosman, KeytoMetals
Development of a new ALTAIR-Customized Database of Advanced Material Properties

Technical Session 9: AEC Symposium

Prof. Dr. Irmgard Lochner, Biberach University of Applied Sciences
Optimization Studies: Patterns, Natural Structures, Iconic Buildings

Davide Gamberini, Politecnico di Milano
Topology Optimization for Structural Collapse Recovering

Daniela Stoppo, University of Ascoli Piceno
The Innovative Use of Concrete in Architecture: Application to a Worship Building

Atanas Zhelev & Mariya Korol, Zaha Hadid Studio at the Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts Vienna
Structural Morphologies

Technical Session 10: System Simulation Symposium

Chad Schmitke, MapleSoft
Efficient System Modeling and Simulation - Industry Case Studies

Duco Pulle, Emsynergy
Sensorless Controls of Electric Drives

Thiebaud Pfister, Powersys
Electromagnetics Design with JMAG

Dr. Macoumba N'DIAYE, Cradle
Optimization of a heat sink for a LED device using SC/Tetra and HyperStudy

June 26th, 2014

Technical Session 11: Lightweight Design

Frank Abdi, AlphaStar
Robust Design Optimization of Composite Stiffened Panel with Discrete Source Damage

Karine Thoral-Pierre, CEDREM
New Numerical Approach to Automatically Predict Material Properties of 2D and 3D Woven Composites

Development and Optimization of a Lower Control Arm (LCA) Using High Strength Steels

Martin Steyer, Manz AG
Fully Automated Preform Production of Complex Geometry CFRP Parts using Fiber-Patch-Preforming Technology

Technical Session 12: Crash & Impact

Aurore Claverie, Mecaplast
Design of Plastic Parts Submitted to Airbag Deployment

Niels Pasligh, Ford R&A Europe
Connection Elements for Joint Representation

Mr. Bach, Ford Research; Vincent Dampur, Altair
RADIOSS Multi-Domain – Innovative Simulation Technique for CPU Time Efficient Prediction of Material Failure in Full Vehicle Crash Simulations

Dr. Clara Schuecker, LUXNER Engineering ZT
FEM Impact Simulation: Fan Blade Out Event for a Composite Fan Containment Case

Dr. Ali Yildiz, TU Bursa
Optimum Design of High-performance Vehicle Crash-Box

Technical Session 13: Structures

Vitali Almendinger, Stanley Black&Decker
Material Parameter Identification of Concrete by an Impact (Combination of RADIOSS & HyperStudy)

Dr. Tommaso Pinter, Alumat & Almax Mori
Quantitative Evaluation of Porthole Dies Design Practices by means of FE Analyses

Dr. Stephan Vervoort, HBM nCode
Fracture Mechanics-based Method for Prediction of Safety Factors of Adhesive Bondings

Matteo Adobati, Fabio Rota, N&W Global Vending S.p.a.
Friction Related Explicit Calculations in the Vending Machine Sector

Marco Morone, Altran
Optimization of a Piston Pin Through the Use of a Metal Matrix Material

Technical Session 14: Noise & Vibrations

Armin Veitl, Altair ProductDesign
Brake Noise Simulation Using Multibody Simulation Analysis

Tiago Simao, FIAT Brazil
SNRD at FIAT to Predict the Risks for S&R in Interior Assemblies

Dr. François-Xavier Bécot, Matelys
How TMM/FTMM Simulations Help to Understand the Vibro-Acoustic Response of Multi-layer Systems

Timothee Bladier, Renault
NVH Optimization Process in Renault Powertrain Design Loop

Bernhard Loibnegger, AVL
Integrated AVL EXCITE - OptiStruct Software Solution Platform for NVH and Acoustics

Technical Session 15: Academic & Industry Collaboration Day

Matthias Gölke, Altair

Dr. Josef Mendler, Acentiss

Kwthaman Mahadevan, FutureING Erlangen
Creativity and Innovation - Engineering by Students

Marina Carulli, Kaemart
The KAEMaRT - Knowledge Aided Engineering Manufacturing and Related Technologies

Karine Thoral-Pierre, CEDREM
Pushing the Borders with a Vision and Experience

Toni Wächtler, RaceTech Freiberg
Development and Optimization of particular components of a Formula Student Racecar with HyperWorks

Johann Lohr & Sebastian Henneke, Hydro2Motion Team
Concept Design through Optimization and Simulation at the Hydro2Motion Team

Joona Seppälä, TU Munich
Thermo elastic optimization for additevely manufactured turbo machinery components

Franceso Di Giuseppe, University Of Camerino
Design of a concept sportscar and wheelchair for paraplegic drivers using topology optimization

Aristide Awoukeng Goumtcha, UTBM
Numerical investigations on Blast loadings

Ekatarina Mazanchenko, ENSMA
Experimental and numerical simulation of shock waves generated by pulsed underwater electrical discharges

Alexander Krauss, Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau
Easy creation of beads using OptiStruct and Catia User Feature

Wasik Mateusz, Silesian University of Technology
Design optimization of an electrical vehicle

Bernhard Sauerer, TU Munich
Multistage Structural Optimization in the Design of a Lightweight Electrical Vehicle in the Project VisioM

Prakash Pagadala & Rahul Ponginan, Altair
HyperWorks 13.0 Product Updates
Image June 24-26, 2014
Dolce Munich Unterschleissheim Munich, Germany
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