Conference Papers -2009

HUMOS - An FE Model for Advanced Safety and Comfort Assessments
Kambiz Kayvantash, Cranfield Impact Centre

The Use of MBD Modelling Techniques in the Design and Development of a Suspension System
David J. Fothergill, ARRK Technical Services Ltd

Application of Optimisation Tools to the Design of Advanced Carbon Fibre Bicycle: FACTOR 001
John Joe Finn, BERU f1systems

Fast Tracking Rail Vehicle Design
Nigel Randell, Bombardier Transportation UK Ltd

Composite Optimisation of a Formula One Front Wing
David Mylett, Lewis Butler, Dr. Simon Gardner, Force India Formula One Team Ltd

A Comprehensive Process for Composite Design Optimisation
Ming Zhou, Altair Engineering Inc

The CAE Driven Safety Development Process of the New
Ford Fiesta

Dr. Axel Haenschke, Ford Motor Company Ltd

Hawk T Mk2 - Arrestor Barrier (BAN MK2) Engagement Analysis
Stephen Lawton, AmSafe

Automotive Modal Testing Support and CAE Correlation Using Altair HyperWorks
Martin Beckett, Jaguar and Land Rover

The Application of Process Automation and Optimisation in the Rapid Development of New Passenger Vehicles at SAIC Motor
Dave Husson, SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre

Targeting Composite Wing Performance – Optimising the Composite Lay-Up Design
Sam Patten, Altair Engineering Ltd

Rapid Airbag Folding Technique for Side Curtain Airbag
Chuck Bosio, TECOSIM Technical Simulation Ltd

Evolutionary Design in Chassis Technology
Adrian Chapple, Thyssenkrupp Tallent Ltd

Delivering Innovation and Intelligence in Product Design
Dave Peberdy, Unilever
Image 10th September, 2013
Heritage Motor Centre, Warwickshire
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