Flux Training Schedule
In conjunction with the ATCx Elecromechanical Applications conference, we will be hosting hands-on training for those interested in learning more and interacting with Flux. The training sessions will be held at Altair Headquarters and seating is limited. Please use the red link below to register for the training session of your choice.

Initiation to Flux
April 8th-10th, 2019

*This training is currently FULL

This is an introductory session for the design of motors, leveraging the power of Altair HyperWorks multiphysics environment with Flux, FluxMotor and HyperStudy. This training is based on the design of a permanent magnet motor. Discover the process and workflow of designing motors from a set of initial specifications to the complete characterization of the machine through an optimization process in a multiphysics enable environment. This discovery of the motor design process will feature hands-on sessions almost exclusively.

Image Altair Headquarters
April 11, 2019