Flux Training Schedule

In conjunction with the ATCx Flux seminar, we will be hosting hands-on training for those interested in learning more and interacting with Flux. The training sessions will be held at Altair Headquarter and seating is limited. Please use the red links below to register for the training session of your choice.

Initiation to Flux
March 12th-13th, 2018
This is an introductory session to modeling low-frequency electromagnetic devices and processes with Flux. Through the modeling of simple devices, you will discover the process to define, solve and analyze static, AC and transient problems for the magnetic field, electric field, and thermal problems. This discovery of Flux will feature hands-on sessions almost exclusively.

Optimization in Flux
March 15th, 2018
In this session, the user will discover how to leverage the connection between Flux and HyperStudy to conduct optimization. Participants will solve a simple optimization problem in FLUX. Some prior knowledge of Flux is suggested.

Flux Multiphysics Connections
March 16th, 2018
Users should expect to learn how to chain multiphysics analysis with Flux within HyperWorks. This one-day session will cover the Flux/Activate connection to include drive and control in a co-simulation, the Flux OptiStruct connection to set the analysis of vibrations in motors and the connection between Flux and thermal applications to evaluate the thermal picture of a motor. Prior knowledge of Flux is strongly suggested.
Image Altair Headquarters
March 14, 2018