9:00am Networking & Continental Breakfast
9:30am Flux 2018 Overview
Discover what has been added to Flux to supplement to its superior quality. Enhancements include:
  • A more efficient solver and formulations facilitating faster solving times
  • Full integration into HyperWorks achieving for easier installation
  • Comprehensive start guides
  • InCa3D integration in Flux
  • Improvement on vibro-acoustic analysis
  • And much more!
Presenter: Dr. Yann Le Floch, Program Manager - Flux, Altair
10:00am Altair Solutions Overview & Altair Technical Panel + Q&A
This panel of experts, from the ranks of Altair, will give you a comprehensive overview of Altair - the leader in the development and broad application of simulation technology to synthesize and optimize designs, processes, and decisions for improved business performance. If you are new to Altair, this will give you the opportunity to see what this innovative company is all about. If you are an existing client, you will hear the latest developments and perhaps learn about something that you didn't know you had in your Altair arsenal.

Moderator: Philippe Wendling, VP of Business Development - Flux, Altair

  • Structural Analysis - OptiStruct
    Warren Dias, Business Development Manager, HyperWorks
  • Model Based Development - Activate
    Andy Dyer, Senior Technology Specialist, HyperWorks
  • CFD - AcuSolve
    Bill Calver, Director - AcuSolve Program Management, HyperWorks
  • Design Exploration - HyperStudy
    Dr. Fatma Kocer, VP of Business Development, Design Exploration
  • Electromagnetic & Thermal Simuation - Flux
    Dr. Yann Le Floch, Program Manager, Flux
10:45am Networking Break
11:15am Keynote Presentation
"Efficient Multidisciplinary Modeling of a Washing Machine Motor Duty Cycle"

This presentation will take you step-by-step through the electromagnetic and thermal analysis of a washing machine during a full wash cycle.

By utilizing Flux and Activate, the designer was able to evaluate the thermal image of the motor, faster at a limited cost and in a limited time.

You will hear from the entire team responsible for the success of this project. From project start: outlining the goal of the project and establishing the workflow, to the evaluation of the motor performances, the computation of the losses for the different parts of the cycle, to project end: completing the thermal computation. You will observe the Activate 1D thermal simulation and the flow of data from Flux to Activate. You will get a rare 360-degree view of what was executed as actual measurements are compared to the results obtained using our elegant software solutions.

  • Dr. Martin Ortega
    Senior Design Engineer
  • Dr. Tan Pham
    Technical Director
  • Anqi Sun
    Project Engineer
  • Manoj Kandukuri
    Application Engineer
12:00pm Networking Lunch
Table discussions led by Altair through leaders
1:00pm User Presentations
Presentations on Flux projects from those who know it best - current users

"Design of Interior Permanent Magnet Machines for Traction Application using Flux Modules"
Sarif Islam
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
North Carolina State University

"Performance Prediction of an IPM Motor for Mass Production Application"
Mazharul Chowdhury
Senior Electromagnetics Engineer
Halla Mechatronics

"Modeling the Induction Heating of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic"
Tareq Eddir
Research Engineer
Fluxtrol, Inc.

"Design of An Axial Flux Machine: Simulation and Challenges"
Shuvajit Das
Graduate Research
The University of Akron

"Coupling Flux with OptiStruct for Acoustic Analysis"
Numair Mazgaonkar
Senior Application Engineer
2:40pm Networking Break
3:00pm Roadmap of Flux for Upcoming Versions

Presenter: Dr. Yann Le Floch, Program Manager - Flux, Altair

3:30pm Efficiency Through Changing Design Paradigms - An Introduction to FluxMotor
From the design of a device to its final operational efficiency, using the most powerful design tools and methods are key to innovation. This presentation will give you a comprehensive view of this easy-to-use working environment which allows you to create and evaluate an electric motor within minutes.

Presenter: Dr. Tan Pham, Technical Director - Flux, Altair

4:00pm Feedback, Wishes, and Suggestions
Here's your chance to weigh in on our roadmap process. We want to hear from you!

Presenter: Philippe Wendling, VP of Business Development - Flux, Altair
Image Altair Headquarters
March 14, 2018