(Subjected to changes).

9h00 :
Registration of Participants

9h15 :
Opening of The Conference

9h25 :
Vision of Altair

9h50 :
How To Be More Effective in Modeling
(Hypermesh 2017, Simlab)

10h30 :
Coffee Break

10h50 :
Solvers Part 1(Implicit, Explicit, Electromagnetic, CFD)(Optistruct, Radioss, Feko, Flux, Winprop, Acusolve)

12h50 :

13h45 :
Customer Projects

14h10 :
Solvers Part 2 (Multibody, 1D System Modeling, Production Solution)(Motinsolve, Compose, Activate, Hyperform, C2C, Etc.)

15h00 :
Customer Projects

15h25 :
How to Be More Effective in Postprocessing (Hyperview / Hypergraph 2017, Automatic Report Director)

16h00 :
Coffee Break

16h20 :
Quick Design, Optimization, Results
(Solidthinking Inspire And Basic FEA, Evolve)

16h45 :
Optimization (Optistruct And Hyperstudy)

17h15 :
Customer Projects - Optimization of Composite Race Bicycle Frames

17h40 :
End of The Conference

19h30 :
Getting on The Boat / Welcome Drink

19h45 :
Departure of The Boat. Evening Program

22h00 :

Image September 27, 2018 - Microsoft Building Vysko─Źilova 1561/4a, 140 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic