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nCode products are provided by HBM, a world-wide technology and market leader, offering solutions to understand product performance, accelerate product development and improve design. Our comprehensive product offering is backed by 30 years of experience in fatigue analysis software for both test data applications and FEA fatigue analysis - guaranteeing reliable support and training from in-house experts.

nCode DesignLife for APA performs CAE-based fatigue analysis using results from all leading FE codes, identifying critical locations and calculating fatigue lives. This provides unparalleled combination of ease-of-use and powerful fatigue analysis without additional investment for APA users.

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Human Solutions
Human Solutions is a worldwide market leader in 3D body scanning and ergonomics simulation. The company’s main business focuses on the virtual realization of the human being. Human Solutions develops and sells hardware and software solutions for body measurement and for the realistic simulation and integration of anthropometric/ergonomic data and proportions into product development. Its current customer list contains more than 300 names, including many well-known organizations such as the US and Swiss Armies.

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AlphaSTAR is a leading engineering services and software company that provides innovative physics-based simulation technologies for structural modeling and analysis of advanced composite structures in the aerospace, automotive, defense, and energy industries worldwide. Utilized in defense agencies, manufacturing companies, and universities, the company’s product line includes its core structural design and simulation software, GENOA, and also MCQ Composites, enabling customers to reduce their need for expensive physical testing by over 60%. AlphaSTAR is headquartered in Long Beach, California and is the recipient of esteemed industry and technology awards for R&D and software development.

Componeering Inc.
Componeering specializes in structural analysis and design of composite structures. Componeering has gained its competence and recognition from the development of ESAComp software as a European Space Agency (ESA) initiated and supported project. Besides the standard software package, Componeering develops customized software solutions to meet special customer needs and provides training for efficient composite design. The consulting services offered include concept development, FE analysis and design optimization of composite structures.

Coretech Systems (Moldex3D)
Since CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D) was founded in 1995. It has provided the professional CAE analysis solution "Moldex" series for the plastic injection molding industry, and the current product "Moldex3D" is marketed worldwide. Committed to provide the advanced technologies and solution for industrial demands, CoreTech has extended the worldwide sales and service network to provide local, immediate, and professional service. Nowadays, CoreTech presents the innovation technology, which helps customers to troubleshoot from product design to development, to optimize design pattern, to shorten time-to-market, and maximize product ROI.

Global supercomputing leader Cray provides innovative systems that enable scientists and engineers in government, industry and academia to meet existing and future computational challenges. Building on expertise in developing, marketing and servicing the world’s most advanced supercomputers, Cray offers a comprehensive portfolio of high performance computing (HPC) systems delivering unrivaled sustained performance on a wide range of challenging applications.

Engineering Center Steyr
Engineering Center Steyr (ECS) is Magna's center of excellence for world class automotive engineering services. The company employs 450 people providing a range of services globally to car and commercial vehicle OEM’s.

ECS software products include FEMFAT, KULI, ALSIM and MERGE. These software solutions allow designers to design and develop vehicles and engines that are lightweight, environmentally friendly while reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. ECS is a world leader in the automotive industry and is a full service supplier providing unique software. They provide a global engineering network and support for customers to ensure a successful transition from concept through production.

e-Xstream engineering is a leading global engineering software company, 100% focused on state-of-the-art modeling of advanced composite materials and structures. e-Xstream offers DIGIMAT, a unique solution for modeling multi-phases materials and structural. DIGIMAT is used by material suppliers and end users across the industries to design the optimal mix of materials needed to manufacture higher performing parts. DIGIMAT to RADIOSS includes the interfaces to injection molding codes to perform accurate and efficient FEA of fiber-reinforced plastic. In this frame, DIGIMAT is used to model the nonlinear, anisotropic and rate-dependent behavior of material, taking into account the influence of processing in the final performances of the composite parts.

EMSS was started in 1994 as an engineering company consulting in general electromagnetic field problems and today has a global distribution and technical support network. FEKO, the flagship product, is a comprehensive computational electromagnetics code (CEM) used in the telecommunications, automobile, space and defence industry. FEKO offers several solution techniques (MoM, MLFMM, PO, GO (Ray Launching), UTD and FEM) under a single licence. Hybridisation of these techniques enables efficient analysis of a very broad spectrum of electromagnetic (EM) field problems. With the MLFMM, and the true hybridisation of the solvers, FEKO is considered the global market leader for antenna placement analysis.

Key to Metals AG
Key to Metals AG is the developer of KEY to METALS, the world’s most comprehensive metal materials database, and has provided the engineering community with its invaluable resource for over a decade. In addition to the standard KEY to METALS data set, our unique collection of advanced property data provides stress-strain curves, fatigue data, fracture mechanics information and creep data for thousands of materials and is designed to save time and money for CAE and FEA analysis.

PART Engineering
PART Engineering provides CAE services and develops software tools in the scope of FEA. Our mission is to enable our customers to gain more value from their FE simulations and to make their CAE processes more efficient. With regard to that from our years of experience in CAE we have developed software products, such as CONVERSE to meet the needs of CAE engineers – creating reliable results by using simple and robust applications.

SGI is a global leader in large-scale clustered computing, high performance storage, HPC and data center enablement and services. SGI is focused on helping customers solve their most demanding business and technology challenges. Visit SGI at

Software Cradle
Established in 1984, Software Cradle has been dedicated to developing practical CFD software that shortens product design lead time while enabling higher product quality and performance. As Japanese leading scientific software developer, we have grown with its experiences, technology, and knowledgeable staff. We are now extending our business worldwide through APA program by offering our main products SC/Tetra and scSTREAM. As a leading company in CFD software, we continue to provide customers with unique and reliable solutions focused on product quality, value, creativity and innovation.

ThermoAnalytics, Inc.
ThermoAnalytics provides Total Thermal Solutions for complex heat problems and engineering analysis.  Our RadTherm software is the leading thermal analysis program for rapid design and optimization of heat transfer problems, including transient brakes, underhood models, exhaust and underbody simulation, HVAC, cabin, battery packs for HEV/EV, electronics and other thermal sensitive components. RadTherm can be coupled with the Altair products such as Hypermesh, AcuSolve, and RADIOSS.  RadTherm's rapid transient thermal analysis and coupling to FEA and CFD software is key to an efficient design optimization process. RadTherm is commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, motorcycles, racing, heavy vehicles, railway industry. ThermoAnalytics also offers advanced consulting services with our engineering teams that specializes in thermal, CFD, infrared simulation and testing.

NovaCast Systems AB originates from NovaCast AB established in 1981 and focuses on developing and marketing technical systems solutions for foundries. Thanks to genuine, documented expertise in foundry technology and knowledge-based software systems, NovaCast Systems offers powerful system solutions that basically cover the complete needs in a foundry, from methoding, Casting Process Simulation and Metallurgical Process Control to a wide range of consultancy services. NovaCast systems are used by leading foundries in 46 countries, are marketed world-wide by a network of representatives.

JSOL Corporation
The JSOL Corporation is a total IT service provider offering high-quality IT services. Adding the all-round strength of the NTT Data Group, the JSOL Corporation can offer even more adaptable and specialized solutions to the technological and business know-how accumulated in a wide range of fields since the days when the JSOL Corporation was a division of the Japan Research Institute. JSOL Corporation has established the JMAG Group, a worldwide network of sales, support, marketing, development, and technical partners, aiming to deliver JMAG as the leading-edge simulation technology for the design and development of electromechanical machines

AMI Strategies
AMI Strategies is a formidable opponent of fat in technology or utility based – invoices as well as the processes to pay them. Our quarterly health checks with our clients creates a collaboration vehicle to review the prior quarter’s metrics regarding savings, processes and strategic initiatives. AMI provides a full range of service offerings surrounding energy, wireless, telecom and leasing using our expense management engine, eAMItm. Our fundamental value of helping our clients make the right decisions is our main focus…just as it was when we were founded in 1991. Our philosophy to remain objective and focused on the unique requirements of each client is the key component of our success.

MultiMechanics provides state-of-the-art CAE solutions aimed at the most innovative and challenging designs. MultiMechanics’ solutions help clients to accurately and cost-efficiently relate material's micro-structural design parameters to overall structural performance and service-life. Our unique two-way coupled multi-scale technology was developed in response to the ever increasing use of advanced novel materials in multiple industries ranging from aerospace to automotive and consumer products. Whether you are trying to come up with the newest, strongest, lightest material ever, or you are trying to gain insight about what the best material for the job should look like- MultiMechanics can help you!

TES International
TES International is committed to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to our customers' most challenging Computer Aided Engineering problems. This is accomplished through the unique combination of theoretical, analytical and real-world expertise of our personnel. We offer thermal analysis software as well as thermal consulting services. TES engineers specialize in heat transfer and structural analysis with many years of experience in aerospace, automotive and electronics applications.

Munro & Associates
Munro & Associates helps manufacturers around the world in all industries increase profits – CONSISTENTLY. Since 1988 Munro & Associates has helped its customers save billions of dollars while generating tremendous increases in profits and market share. From the company that brought you DFM, Munro has developed DFM and DFA into a greater, more robust suite of tools and methods called Design Profit ®. Design Profit® is a methodology and a process that exposes waste and risk in the product design so engineers can make informed trades to reduce complexity and create elegant designs for downstream stakeholders.

Sentient Science
Sentient Science has developed a new computational testing software-as-a-service designed to solve friction and wear-based failures. This solution can help your team quantify how engineering, operational, and maintenance changes can extend the remaining useful life of components, systems, surface treatments, and materials. The prognostic capability was developed under a series of government R&D contracts and can be available to through Sentient’s 8,000 processor cloud-computing infrastructure today. We invite you to learn more about the solutions through resources such as educational webinars, case studies, and white papers found on Sentient Science’s website

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