ATCx Electromagnetics Series Europe

Germany | Italy | United Kingdom | France

The rapid expansion of electronic devices within various industry such as Automotive, Aerospace, Naval, Communication Industries and Consumer Products has meant that designing with electromagnetic (EM) effects in mind has become a vital part of the design process.

In this ATCx Series, it will be shown how Altair's broad software coverage and domain expertise will support you in solving a wide range of EM problems for a large variety of industries. You will also see how leading companies are using Altair’s comprehensive EM solution tool to address electromagnetic issues, solve design problems and give you an opportunity to offer suggestions regarding the future development in EM.

Böblingen, Germany | 27 September

Roma, Italia | 25 Ottobre

London, UK | 8 November
One Birdcage Walk

Paris, France | 22 Novembre
Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci