3D Printing Conference - 17 November 2015


Additive manufacturing and 3D printing techniques represent a paradigm change that is revolutionizing multiple fields. All the possibilities that these technologies offer are introducing a change in the way that products are designed, developed and manufactured.


To achieve full industrialization of designs with this means, some works has still to be done and procedures have to be developed. It is a fact that big efficiency gains and weight reduction can be achieved, but it is necessary to establish end-to-end processes to maximize the benefits of these technologies.


To reach this objective, Altair works with printer manufacturers, researchers, OEM’s and actors in multiple sectors involved (Aero, Auto, Energy, Electronics…). 3D printing brings us an opportunity to see the future of manufacturing technologies and lightweight design.


Join us on November 17th to discover with Altair how to use topology optimization results to create an efficient yet feasible product and stay on the cutting edge of technology.


Image Barclaycard Center (Truss Madrid) - Jorge Juan 99, 28009 Madrid


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