ATCx Simulation Driven Design & Development
November 5 - Gothenburg

The key to delivering safe, reliable and economical resources in ever-decreasing timescales is innovation driven by people, tools, and business models that can do more with less. Technology solutions that let companies more easily leverage numerical simulation, optimization, reliability studies and high performance computing (HPC) enable companies to execute bold ideas tempered by accurate risk assessment.

Against the background of growing environmental pressures and increased competition, this demand calls for newer and better answers to engineering challenges like never before.

Altair’s vision is to provide the tools and expertise that will continue to enable and accelerate the innovation that is critical to industries. The Conference on November 5, 2015 stated how companies are defining the future of different industries - today.
Image November 5th, 2015
Hotel Scandic Crown
Gothenburg ATCx Nordic 2015
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NovaCast ESAComp is software for analysis and design of composites. Brüel & Kjær, Beyond Measure Optimise strain gauge placement