ASEAN is becoming a major hub for engineering and engineering related services, both for the purpose of domestic growing consumption, as well as to augment the ever increasing requirements of the offshore markets. Some of the largest multi-nationals call ASEAN, as their home, and span Automotive, Electronics, CPG, Energy and Marine, as their home. Also the increasing insistence on Research & Development and therefore a strong reliance on High Performance Computing (HPC) has come to rule the roost in the region, both in commercial space as well as scientific research in government agencies and academia.

Against a background of growing demands and innovation led growth, organizations are looking at engineering and related technologies to deliver viable, safer, optimized products, with a shorter time to market. Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) offers the perfect opportunity to empower organizations today through their simulation and optimization capabilities, and by leveraging the HPC for solving complex problems involving MultiPhysics.

The ASEAN ATCx series address three specific verticals currently at the forefront of engineering revolution in the region - Automotive, Electronics and Marine. It will focus on a range of technologies spanning structural analysis, computational fluid dynamics, electromagnetic analysis, as applied to respective verticals. It will also cover a range of productivity tools and application extensions to get the best return on your CAE investments.

Who Should Attend?
CAE/CFD Practitioners, Validation CAE/CFD Analysts, Power Users, Middle Management and engineers who want to learn about Altair HyperWorks Solvers and their application to solve industry design challenges.

Why Should You Attend?
  • Gain a greater understanding of industry trends with respect to Solvers from renowned industry speakers and technology thought leaders
  • Communicate with experts from Altair
  • Variety of Altair Presentations (by industries, functions, level of technicality) covering engineering domains like safety, CFD, Implicit/Linear, Explicit/Non- Linear, and Electromagnetics)
  • Meet CAE practitioners from a broad range of advanced manufacturing industries
Image September 12, 2014
Sheraton Towers, Singapore
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