Everyone is aware of the challenges the energy industry is facing; with predictions that our energy consumption is set to nearly double over the next 30 years, changes in the way we acquire our energy are inevitable.

Against a background of growing environmental pressures, the industry is being forced to look for innovative solutions to overcome these challenges. Massive engineering challenges and a need to deliver viable and safe solutions in smaller and smaller timescales mean that simulation is becoming a key part of the engineering design process.

CAE simulation and optimisation continues to be an outstanding way to study and improve problems in the Energy industry, including:

  • Petroleum: Structural geology, extraction, and platform design

  • Wind: Composite blade optimisation, modelling of turbine assembly, multi-body dynamics

  • Turbine: High-fidelity turbine modelling, thermal management, containment

  • Nuclear: Nuclear reactor safety and process optimisation

  • This seminar explored the latest challenges in the energy industry and showcased the latest virtual simulation tools. Delegates were given the opportunity to learn about Altair’s simulation technology and how best to deploy this technology within their organisations for maximum benefit.

    Image September 2nd, 2014 Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, Aberdeen



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