Additive manufacturing and the advancements behind it have opened the door to the designer and engineer, allowing unique, lightweight and stronger, plastic and metal components to be designed and produced in production environments. As a result, computer simulation and component shape optimization have become an integral part of the process. A designer or engineer can now use simulation results to drive the design of a part, presenting more alternatives that meet design and in-service performance requirements. The result is parts and assemblies that are stronger, lighter, and now manufacturable.

Altair has been working closely with leading OEM’s, manufacturers of AM machinery and those at the forefront of AM research to help develop a robust end2end process for AM. To showcase this and to bring together the leaders of AM, Altair will be holding a free to attend seminar at the MTC, home to the National Centre for Net Shape and Additive Manufacturing.

This seminar Industrialisation of AM - From Concept to End Product will present a series of case studies along with the latest academic research, delegates will have the opportunity to hear directly from industry end users, academia and organisations involved in AM.

Attend and Learn

  • Learn how simulation is not only helping drive the design of 3D printed parts and assemblies but also allowing for functional and structural validation early in the product development process
  • See first-hand how various industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense and heavy equipment are experiencing the benefits of integrating optimized, 3D printed parts into new and innovative designs
  • Understand the capabilities and limits of additive manufacturing through detailed design for AM guidelines
  • See the additive manufacturing workflow, from software preparation to finished product, through the production of an Altair topology optimized part

Why Attend

Additive manufacturing and the design for additive manufacturing are now a reality at major corporations around the world and continue to gain recognition and momentum as the technologies and methods behind it become more robust, streamlined, and capable of qualified serial production. Advancements in 3D printers, printing materials, accuracy, and the functioning digital prototypes that help drive the designs of these final physical components allow companies to innovate, drive down development cost, reduce time to market and ultimately become more competitive.

Who Should Attend

  • Small, medium and large organisations that utilise engineering design as part of their product to market process
  • Organisations with an interest in the use of composites, additive manufacturing and the stages involved in developing, designing and manufacturing products
Image The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC),
Ansty Park
18 September 2018
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