ATCx: Electric Drive

Learn how to design and control electrical drives using model-based design in ALTAIR EMBED and Texas Instruments Control Boards. During the workshop you will become familiar with all aspects of drive operation using permanent magnet motors: from speed/current control, space-vector modulation, field-oriented control up to all aspects of sensorless control including identification of the machine parameters.

The industry seminars are designed for practicing (mechanical and other) engineers, teachers and students who:
  • Want and need to implement real-time control of a PM motor, using the model-based design approach in EMBED
  • Look for an affordable and easy-to-learn solution in Motor and Drive Control that suits their application either with or without an encoder
  • Need to get up-to-speed with spinning motors but are not C-code literate
  • Fast track product development within your company to get your motor spinning with a set of application examples that can be adapted to your drive setup
  • Continued expert motor drive support is available beyond the workshops to help with drive development if needed
The participants will work with the following hardware from Texas Instruments:
  • LAUNCHXL-F28069M
  • 2MTR-DYNO (Dual PM machine setup)
The approach and the experience acquired in the industry seminars can be readily extended to any Permanent Magnet Drive.
Image Altair Sunnyvale Office
July 10th-12th, 2018