ATCx: Flux 2018

Leverage the power and versatility of Flux and FluxMotor

Careful design of all electrical devices installed in a vehicle is a crucial element in today’s build process. Consideration must be given to:
  • keeping power consumption to a minimum while maintaining performances
  • minimizing electromagnetic radiations
  • keeping temperature increase in check
  • vehicle design space parameters
Each device can be very complex while designing within many constraints. Because subsystems influence each other, it is necessary to optimize the entire system and test the dynamic interactions between the subsystems.

Altair’s low-frequency electromagnetic and thermal software, Flux™, offers a complete range of modeling tools able to take into account these specificities and streamline the design process.

Capitalizing on 36 years of innovation in the global context of design optimization and time-to-market reduction, our solution suite is built to assist you. The ATCx Flux™ seminar is an excellent opportunity to discover the latest developments in this best-in-class software. Industry experts will present the latest capabilities and enhancements of Flux™ 2018 - providing a comprehensive view of methodology used for the analysis, design and optimization of modern applications such as:
  • Rotating machines
  • Linear actuators, solenoids
  • Transformers & inductances
  • Induction heating processes
  • Sensors
  • Cables, electric connections
This one-day seminar will discuss what Altair has been developing to help advance your design going forward.

Who should attend?
  • Designers, Engineers, and Managers interested in power conversion devices
  • Actuator, Solenoid and Motor Design Engineers
  • System Engineers and Managers
  • Designers of electromechanical equipment

Attend if you are seeking:
  • Efficient design processes
  • Higher quality motor design
  • Improved techniques within your own process
  • Networking within the electrical engineering community
“We have integrated new CAD import and meshing capabilities and accelerated 3D model creation. Offering new connections within HyperWorks enables users to include different physics and offers a complete simulation solution. With Flux 2018 we have opened the door to multi-disciplinary optimization for design in electrical engineering.”

Vincent Leconte
Director Business Development EM Solutions
Altair France

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Image Altair Headquarters
March 14, 2018