The Internet of Things, connectivity and autonomous technology, renewable energy, wearable devices, and electrification are all trends that are affecting every industry. Sensors will be collecting more information than ever. As they do, autonomy becomes closer to reality. The pressure to find sustainable energy by optimising consumption has escalated the search for more efficient and environment-friendly solutions. In a desire to reach zero emission, electrification is spreading through transports and industries. Today’s designer needs high performing predictive tools to help solve these technical challenges. 

The rapid expansion of electronic devices within various industry such as Automotive, Aerospace, Naval, Communication Industries and Consumer Products has meant that designing with electromagnetic (EM) effects in mind has become a vital part of the design process.

These wide range of simulations were showcased at this seminar that focused on the use of Altair’s comprehensive EM solution tool to address electromagnetic issues, solve design problems and also gave attendees an opportunity to offer suggestions regarding the future development in EM.

Who attended?
The seminar was of interest to engineers, analysts and managers involved in the design, research and development of electromagnetic and electro-mechanical devices.

What was covered?
As use of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum increases, the demand for engineers who have practical working knowledge in the area of electromagnetics continues to grow. The seminar introduced the use of electromagnetic simulation through a number of case studies, covering both single and multiple physics. There were discussions on the different software tools being used to solve for low and high frequency design challenges.

The attendees benefited by?

  • Learning the latest developments in EM technology and saw how they are being applied to predict and optimise EM device performances.
  • Discussing how to apply these EM simulation techniques to improve their own product design process to deliver profitable products.
  • Networking with prominent individuals in the UK EM engineering and simulation community.
Image The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC),
Ansty Park
07 November 2017
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