ATCx Mechatronics

Altair Engineering are pleased to welcome you to our annual Altair Technology Conference (ATC) that highlight new solution and user experience in CAE, Product Design and High Performance Computing.

This year we will continue with our regional one-day events, globally that we are calling the ATCx series and will be focused on special topics within the design and engineering domain. This year the ATCx travels to Penang, Malaysia; addressing solutions ranging from electronics to mechanical engineering.

The 2016 ASEAN ATCx will focus on the MECHATRONICS theme and offer our customers a chance to learn and witness the latest updates in the field of design and engineering.

At this conference, apart from key note presentations from Industry leaders, experts from Altair Global Development / Consulting team will focus on newer frameworks, industry best practices, newer trends and related topics of interest to the CAE Analyst, Design and Solver community.


Solving complex design problems with an approach based on intuition can be challenging, especially when multiple design parameters interact with one another and several design goals are targeted. The design goals today extend across multiple disciplines of mechanical engineering, electronics and electrical engineering, systems engineering and control engineering. MECHATRONICSĀ is the design process that gets all these together to help create more functional and adaptable products.
Successful implementation of Mechatronics requires engineering tools/software that aid product development by breaking away from the traditional methods and;

  • give a lot of room for creativity to design engineers

  • shorten the development lifecycle

  • is easy to learn & use

  • aid in developing sustainable products

  • minimize or completely eliminate physical prototype testing

  • capture and automate best industry practices

  • have cloud based / portability for anytime and anywhere engineering
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